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COLORADO SPRINGS: Carey says Episcopal Church has lost its way


By David W. Virtue

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Dr. George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said the Episcopal Church was in peril having lost its way and needs to unite in humility to truth and an unflinching commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Addressing several hundred Episcopalians at Grace Church & St Stephens at the beginning of a three day conference on the Future of Anglicanism in North America, Carey said, “I love my Church, I love ECUSA, it has done so much good to the world, but it is in peril now because of recent decisions.”

While not directly mentioning the consecration of V. Gene Robinson the openly homosexual bishop of New Hampshire, Carey said the modern church has lost the doctrine of the cross, and for St. Paul the cross was pivotal and anchor of the Faith.

Many want to skip the cross, putting the focus on experience, but it must not be separated from the doctrine and redemption of our Lord, said Carey.

“We live in momentous times for the Anglican Communion. Never has there been a need for leaders who have an historic faith and know where God is leading us.”

Carey said that what the church needs today is not adulators who want to maintain the status quo, but men who are brave under attack.

The former Archbishop said that from a human perspective things can only get worse, but that is not God’s perspective. From His perspective things can only get better.

“When a church slackens its grip on fundamental theology it is on a slippery slope that leads beyond itself to liberalism and to death. We are called to embrace a creedal and historic Christianity.”

“The church grows when congregations are committed to the historic faith. God is in charge of us, He is in charge of his church and his world and he is not going to forsake us. He is going to stick with us regardless of our mistakes”, said the Archbishop.


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