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December 13 2015 By dvirtue Church of England clergyman is BANNED from conducting services after he married his gay partner of 25 years

Canon Jeremy Davies has been told he can no longer officiate at services because he married his long-term partner opera singer, Simon McEnery last year

Simon McEnery expressed outrage on Facebook after his husband Canon Jeremy Davies was no longer allowed to officiate at Church of England services because he had married a fellow man

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December 07 2015 By dvirtue Britain is no longer a Christian country and should stop acting as if it is, says judge

The report provoked a furious row as it was condemned by Cabinet ministers as "seriously misguided" and the Church of England said it appeared to have been "hijacked" by humanists.

The report, by the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life, claims that faith schools are "socially divisive" and says that the selection of children on the basis of their beliefs should be phased out.

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December 05 2015 By dvirtue Bless me! It's Britain's first NUDIST Bishop: Female Archdeacon, 51, was brought up in naturist family and wrote controversial defence of disrobing in public

The Archdeacon of Buckingham, the Venerable Karen Gorham, 51, was brought up in a naturist family, though she gave up going nude on beaches in her teenage years.

The unmarried Archdeacon, 51 -- who was named by Downing Street on Thursday as the next Bishop of Sherborne -- has even written a controversial treatise defending the practise of disrobing in public.

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December 03 2015 By dvirtue Black Activist Berates Church of England for Wrong Priorities and Racism

At a time when the C of E is trying to include more people of black and ethnic minority backgrounds to have a higher profile in the church leadership, this letter will come as a stark warning that many black Anglicans continue to have deep-seated grievances about race, their place in British society, and perceived lack of welcome in the Church.

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November 30 2015 By dvirtue Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry investigates Anglican Churches in England and Wales

It is now being headed by New Zealand Judge, Justice Lowell Goddard. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, had asked Justice Goddard to investigate the Church of England first, saying that he would order his own inquiry if there was a lengthy delay.

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November 28 2015 By dvirtue Queen's Address Sends Coded Message to Global South Primates

'And I am sure that members of the Synod will pray earnestly that the gathering in January of the Primates of the Anglican Communion will be a time when, together, they may know what is God's will.'

So, heartened by the unblocking of the perceived logjam over women bishops in the General Synod, the CofE establishment hopes and expects 'good disagreement' to break out over sexuality.

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November 26 2015 By dvirtue ENGLAND: Bishop of Shrewsbury says cinema ban on Lord's Prayer ad is 'stupid'

The Rt Revd Mark Rylands said: "I think it's absolutely surprising they are not allowing the advert to go ahead.

"It's hardly controversial. It seems so significant these days with all that's going on, with the attacks in Paris, people often turn to prayer.

"It's extraordinary that these cinemas have banned it. It's very odd and worrying they think it's so offensive.

"It seems like a stupid decision.

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November 26 2015 By dvirtue The Preacher to the Pope, The Church of England and the Discernment of Spirits

So we can assume there was nothing accidental in his choice as preacher and nothing accidental in the message he delivered.

He preached about the prophetic witness of Haggai who called for the rebuilding of God's house, invoking the presence of the Spirit of God.

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November 24 2015 By dvirtue Oh gosh, yes!

I admit it is feeble of me to continue to doubt, but I cannot stop sceptical thoughts from entering my head. For example, if there really is a genuine Archbishop of Canterbury, why is the Church of England in such a mess?

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November 23 2015 By dvirtue Welby bids to defuse Church of England's 'demographic time bomb'

However, critics fear that traditional values could be lost amid the speed of change, lack of consultation and a new culture of setting goals and targets. "Some of those driving the Reform and Renewal agenda don't seem to understand the complex nature of the institution they are seeking to improve. In trying to change the church, there is a significant risk of unintentional vandalism," said Martyn Percy, dean of Christ Church, Oxford.

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