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February 21 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury pleads with Church factions to give up 'cynicism' as Synod gets underway

He drew on 1 Peter as he said Christians were called to share the hope they have in Jesus 'with gentleness and grace' and not be like the surrounding culture where there is 'the absence of love, competition, no grace, no hope'.

'Communication is so very complex and whatever is said has also to be heard and whatever is heard is not always reflected on in the same way as the original speaker may have intended,' he said.

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February 21 2019 By dvirtue Divorce not a barrier for 70 Church of England ordinands

Church rules hold that such cases must be decided on an individual basis by either the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Archbishop of York.

The procedure does not apply to anyone who has chosen to stay single following a divorce or whose former spouse has passed away.

Vows of marriage by couples exchanged during Church of England weddings hold that their commitment is a life-long one.

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February 09 2019 By dvirtue Nazis and Church of England bastardize baptism to play identity politics

Anglicans can live with this pulverisingly puerile pap. It's not the unpardonable sin. But the Church of England's liturgical meddlers have not stopped at watering down the sacramental gruel. Like the Witch of Endor summoning the ghost of Samuel, the House of Bishops have invited the Frankenstein of identity politics to preside over a new subversion of the sacraments.

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February 07 2019 By dvirtue Mythbusting at launch of independent review of UK support for Persecuted Christians

Christianity is not primarily an expression of white western privilege, said Bishop Philip the review chairman, but a truly global phenomenon, mainly of the global south and the global poor. The claim "Jesus is Lord" has always been a subversive challenge to power, especially absolute power. Archbishop Nicholls of Westminster noted further that the depth of Christian commitment to service was the obverse of its critique of the misuse of power.

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February 06 2019 By dvirtue UK: Pressure on orthodox Christian views politely and gently increased in nation and church

If the reader scrolls down through technical legal issues about government powers, and the discussion about whether Civil Partnerships should be extended to siblings, the moving of amendment 2 by Lord Faulkner of Worcester can be found: "The Secretary of State must make regulations to amend the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 to remove the exemption for members of the clergy to solemnize the marriage of a same sex couple." Faulkner went on to urge the Church of England to "follow the lea

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February 06 2019 By dvirtue Bishop of Chichester refuses to say Bishop George Bell is "innocent"

Maintaining that the Church of England's internal investigation led by senior ecclesiastical lawyer Timothy Briden had cleared Bishop Bell only of the second set of allegations, the recent Briden report "made no statement about the original allegations," Warner said.

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February 03 2019 By dvirtue UK: Why it's right for churches to split over gay marriage

The idea is that while we may not be able to agree about sexual morality, we can agree to disagree, as we have for example about remarriage after divorce and women's ministry, and all just rub along together. We do this for these other two contentious issues, so why not for same-sex marriage?

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February 01 2019 By dvirtue UK: 2,000 clergy sign letter saying welcoming trans people into the Church may 'harm' children

In December, the church announced vicars would now be able to hold a special service so transgender people could celebrate their new identities.

But there has been a steadily growing backlash to the proposals, culminating in the open letter which attacks them as "deeply concerning" and "lacking in serious theological analysis".

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January 26 2019 By dvirtue No "words of knowledge" on Bishop George Bell's innocence, Archbishop Welby?

Now you know why wily Welby timed the "tongue speaking" interview just before the Briden report exonerating Bishop George Bell of molesting a child was released on Thursday.

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January 25 2019 By dvirtue UK: Archbishop of Canterbury apologises after Bishop Bell inquiry finds allegations unfounded

However, supporters of Bell argued the evidence against him was too slender. A subsequent investigation of the Church's handling of the issue by QC Alex Carlile found it had 'rushed to judgment' and had 'failed to engage in a process which would also give proper consideration to the rights of the bishop'.

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