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Christians in America Need to Wake Up & Stop Playing Church Because Lives Depend On It

Christians in America Need to Wake Up & Stop Playing Church Because Lives Depend On It

By Stacy Lynn Harp
July 7, 2015

Right now I'm sitting in my nice lovely home here in Tennessee and I have two brothers in Christ who are pastors who are sitting in a prison in Sudan, simply because they are Christian pastors, and I have to admit that I am feeling angry. I'm feeling angry because I've found that it almost takes a nuclear bomb to go off in order to get Christians in America to pay attention to Christian persecution.

A few weeks ago we had that shooting in Charleston where nine Christians lost their lives and the media has already stopped covering it.

A week or so after that I read about Joel Osteen's church having six visitors disrupt his church service and some of the members being fearful of what could've happened there. Thank God the evildoers who came to disrupt Osteen's church were taken out and no one was hurt.

My question is what HAS to happen for the majority of the sleepy snoozing Christians in America to wake up and not only care about Christian persecution worldwide, but also the coming soon real brutal persecution of Christians here in America? Will your pastor have to be beheaded before you at a Sunday morning church service? Will your ladies potluck and bible study have to be invaded and women held captive and raped brutally before being massacred before you speak out?

Seriously. I'm asking this seriously.


I for one, am so sick and so tired of the garbage that passes as church in America. I'm sick of the games and the dumb programs and the biblical stupidity of most Christians. I'm sick of lazy pastoral leadership that doesn't read the scripture or see that the Bible is a whole book of Christian persecution. I'm sick of the ignorance and apathy of American Christians all together. I'm sick of it.

Someone please tell me what it will take to awaken the dead Christians in America to the reality that WE are all apart of the body of Christ and when one part of the body suffers we ALL SUFFER... at least that's what the bible says. But you'd never know it here in America. Here in America all we seem to care about is the creature comforts of a nicely painted church building with cushy velvet pews. I find it ridiculous. I find it an abomination. It's disgusting and honestly the American church needs to repent.

I can write a post about a fallen pastor who commits adultery or I can write a post about a television celebrity that commits sex crimes against his sisters and the outrage is phenomenal, but when I talk about the pastors and other Christians who are suffering for being a Christian, there's virtual silence. It's disgusting. It's atrocious that so few care, but I have to tell you that I will continue to STAND and SPEAK for my family in Christ who needs me.

Today I spoke with Faith McDonnell from The Institute on Religion and Democracy about these two pastors and I told her that I would help to get the word out about these two men of God who need our help. I wrote up ten tweets that you can use in your social media any time you'd like. Just click here and use all you'd like. http://tinyurl.com/olu4uum

If you're not aware of what's going on with these two pastors, the short story is this. After a church was literally sold out from underneath the Christians, Pastor Yat Michael Ruot who was a guest preacher at Bahri Evangelical Church, was preaching and encouraging the Christians to stand firm in their faith and in their standing against the Sudan's government who persecutes Christians. Pastor Michael was literally standing on the grounds where the church was destroyed when he was encouraging the saints in Sudan. He was then arrested and taken away and not heard from for months. Then Pastor Peter, a concerned friend, eventually tried to find out what happened to him and then he was arrested and is now being held. You can read the whole story at http://www.savesudanpastors.com .

Both pastors are facing either life in prison or death by hanging and I want you to pay attention and start making some noise about this, because it's completely unacceptable, because someday, it could be you or it could be me. America is ripe for brutal persecution, so I beg of you, dear reader to care about those in the body of Christ who


You may recall that last year enough people raised their voices for Meriam Ibrahim, the then pregnant woman in a Sudan prison, who was sentenced to death and lashes because she refused to deny Christ. Thousands stood with her by signing a petition and praying and the Lord delivered her. It was a miracle!

We need more miracles for our brothers in Christ who are in a Sudan prison right now. Will you help? Will you sign a petition and make your voice heard? Show your love for Jesus by standing with your brothers who are in chains and keep in mind, that they have wives and children and there are tens of thousands other Christians who are suffering in Sudan alone for being Christians.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION. http://savesudanpastors.com/


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