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Charlie Holt Tosses His Hat in The Ring Again to Be Next Bishop of the Diocese of Florida

Charlie Holt Tosses His Hat in The Ring Again to Be Next Bishop of the Diocese of Florida

By David W. Virtue DD
September 15, 2022

Charlie Holt is determined to be the next Bishop of Florida. Ambition, or the desire for punishment, must run in his veins.

He has once again tossed his hat in the ring, along with two other, entirely milquetoast candidates. The Rev. Beth Tjoflat, vicar of a Jacksonville church and The Rev. Wiley Ammons, rector of a Jacksonville church are the other candidates.

It should be a shoe-in for Holt, who is clearly better qualified and credentialed with a resume that even got support from Black community church leaders the first-time round.

Has anything really changed? We were told that first time round voting irregularities caused a diocesan voting malfunction, when in truth it was a meltdown when diocesan homosexuals and lesbians along with the ultra-liberal theologian Diana Butler Bass denounced Holt as unfit, owing to the fact that he refused to bow down to the Moloch god of sodomy. Their combined efforts to block the consecration were successful.

Never mind that Charlie, an evangelical at heart who opposes same-sex marriage, pledged that if elected, he will abide by 2018 General Convention decision that same-sex marriage rites must be made available in every diocese where the practice is legally permitted. Translation. He would allow another bishop to come in his stead to perform these unbiblical acts.

To satisfy the lust for openness, the Standing Committee of the diocese emphasized that both clergy and laity must be present to vote on November 19, at the Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center in Live Oak, Florida.

The committee promised that a subsequent message will answer "many of the questions and rumors swirling around this situation," and that all information will be posted on the electing convention web page.

The new election for a bishop coadjutor, is scheduled for Saturday, November 19. The winner will succeed the Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard as Bishop of Florida when Howard retires in September 2023.

This big question is what if Holt wins this time round? The pansexualists will make his life a living hell. Another question is why bother running at all! He might want to have a come-to-Jesus moment with the former Episcopal Bishop of Albany, Bill Love who can tell him precisely how it feels.


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