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CANTERBURY: From My Ear to Your Ear: "Trust us" say GAFCON Primates

CANTERBURY: From My Ear to Your Ear: "Trust us" say GAFCON Primates

By David W. Virtue in Canterbury
January 13, 2016

It should have ended by lunchtime today with nine or so GAFCON primates walking out.

It did not happen. By midday it was clear the GAFCON Primates were not ready to leave; powerful forces were at work to keep them all at the table led by the reconciling voice of Canon David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Director of Reconciliation. No one has been ejected, but no one ever thought that would happen, but it is incorrect to say that no one has left. (I am not permitted to say which Primate). I can now reveal that it was Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali. You can read it here. http://tinyurl.com/htgybcf

So two scenarios now present themselves.

The first scenario, and this comes from David Ould who is not here but pontificating from Australia and George Conger who is also not here and pontificating from Central Florida. Their only and primary source is Peter Ould, brother of David Ould who actually lives in Canterbury and who has spoken briefly with Archbishop Foley Beach (but we do not know what they talked about). I can now reveal that it was Uganda Archbishp Stanley Ntagali. You can read why at this website.

Their position is that the longer the meeting lasts, the stronger will be the final communique in favor of the conservative position. The conservatives did not see the need to leave after the first two days because the momentum of the meeting appeared to them to be in their favor. If they walked out, it was because Archbishop Welby had flatly denied their request to discipline the Americans and Canadians. The Americans and Canadians had not left the meeting because the conservatives had not yet achieved their goal. "Trust us," they say the GAFCON primates.

The question facing the primates on Wednesday would be whether Archbishop Welby would get out of the way or lead.

Then what about any potential "discipline" against TEC and the ACoC called for by the Dar es Salaam Declaration? The placating effects of the ritual humiliation were complete, as one blogger put it, but ultimately nothing happened. Archbishop Rowan Williams had no stomach, courage or guts to discipline then PB Jefferts Schori.

The second scenario, and one that I am observing, is that the minders of the GAFCON primates and friends on the fringes are very unhappy about what they are seeing and hearing. There is much doom and gloom in their faces, their hushed talks and their belief that delay is playing right into the hands of Justin Welby.

Deep concerns have been expressed that Archbishop Welby has substituted a management style for ecclesial leadership but not the spiritual leadership needed to navigate these perilous spiritual waters.

Clearly unity has not been achieved. The conservatives have neither caved in nor achieved their goals, but there is enormous pressure being put on them to accommodate to Welby. There is enormous frustration all round.

Archbishop Beach is clearly visible and was present in the quire tonight at Evensong, but that proves nothing. Not all the primates attend Evensong so that also proves nothing. He has been participating fully, according to my source.

Tomorrow, Thursday and the subject will be the ACNA and Foley Beach. What will they do to him or for him is the question. What leverage does Welby have to include him with revisionist archbishops like Canadian Primate Fred Hiltz wanting him gone?

This I know, Archbishop Beach will not accommodate anything or anybody to appease the liberal revisionist western primates. His resolve is firm. He will concede nothing like a federation or commonwealth or two integrities living side by side like a divorced couple still living in the same house. He has been abundantly clear on that score and he has the total support of Primates like Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria, Eliud Wabukala of Kenya and Stanley Ntagali of Uganda. Perhaps others. After all he got brutalized by TEC so what is in it for him to cave into anything TEC or the ACoC would offer even coming from the "reconciling" hand of Justin Welby.

I have been told that the primates will go the full course that is, we won't truly know anything till Friday when all will be made known. Stay tuned.


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