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By David W. Virtue, DD
October 5, 2021

The minions of cancel culture have had a field day in The Episcopal Church.

If in doubt, cancel it out. Former Albany Bishop Bill Love was canceled. He refused to accept resolution B012 demanding that homosexual marriage be accepted and received in his diocese. He refused. He was canceled, episcopal style. Of course, it's done with polite language, faux pain, and do come back when you are enlightened; but we all know that is not going to happen. There is no right of return, and why would Bishop Love possibly want to return?

Hundreds of orthodox episcopal priests were cancelled because they refused to bow the knee before the Moloch god of sodomy and for their intransigence, they, too, were cancelled. ACNA was born.

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry makes noises about 'beloved community' and how he wants everyone at the table, but it is a lie. Orthodoxy is all but dead in TEC. The very small handful of evangelical clergy and bishops who remain, have been quietly canceled and for their sins of omission, they have been forced to have their own organizations like EFAC-USA to stay relevant or even be noticed.

Cancelling means you can ignore and snub the opposition. Communion Partner bishops were a token opposition at best, which mainstream progressives now simply ignore. They are irrelevant. Spong and his Koinonia statement got more traction and recognition than they did.

One of the "finest" examples of cancel culture was the uproar over an invitation to evangelical pastor Max Lucado to preach at Washington National Cathedral. Liberal Dean Randolph Hollerith first invited the evangelical preacher and then back tracked expressing his support for the LGBTQ community, cancelling Lucado.

Ultra-liberal Washington Bishop Mariann Budde groveled before the homosexual community and said, "I should have known better" and did all but sprinkle incense in the cathedral to expunge homophobia, for her sin of omission. She offered up a standard trope of "listening" to atone for her "sin." Bishop Gene Robinson roared about his felt pain, but then went on to scream, "we've won"; meaning that Lucado had been extirpated (read cancelled) and life returned to normal at the cathedral. By the by, Mr. Lucado never touched on the subject of homosexuality, but cancelled he was.

Cancel any discussion of how close the Anglican Communion came to being destroyed by Rowan Williams in his efforts to push homosexuality onto the Communion. Just have a news blackout instead. Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola kept the communion from being swallowed up and on track, but nobody wants to know how close Williams came, parking homosexuality onto the communion and causing spiritual havoc, had he won. Mercifully he failed. Cancel Akinola.

With cancel culture there is no "come let us reason together." That is out. Reasonable discourse is done. It's winner takes all now, the Devil take the hindmost.


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