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Bishop Righter Says "Dissenters" Should Leave ECUSA


By David W. Virtue

Walter C. Righter, the former Bishop of Iowa and assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Newark, NJ who was tried and subsequently found not guilty for ordaining a non-celibate homosexual to the priesthood, says the five orthodox bishops who won’t subscribe to ECUSA’s canons and constitution should leave the Episcopal Church.

Writing on the House of Bishops/Deputies, listserv, an Online chat room, the revisionist bishop said, “if the continuing dissenters must go I say ‘Go with God’, and now let us get on with the work of the church.”

The bishop was the central player of the now infamous “Righter Trial” which declared the Episcopal Church had “no core doctrine” when he ordained a noncelibate gay man to the diaconate in September 1990.

“How can the Bishops ‘allow’ what the canons and constitution do not allow? How can the Bishops ‘cede control’ that is not theirs to cede? Even if they wanted to, they cannot. If outfits like the AAC and the Network et al must have a plan cast in concrete, they are stuck with it.”

Righter said the same thing happened at the House of Bishops when the House met right after his presentment. “My presenters acted as if they would negotiate. The PB appointed people to negotiate with them. When they met together it was clear there was only one way - the presenters way. No negotiation. So, Mary Adelia McLeod, acting on behalf of the committee appointed by the Presiding Bishop called everything off, saying there was no way a negotiation could occur. So it is now. If the continuing dissenters must go I say "Go with God", and now let us get on with the work of the church.”

Righter said too much time has been lost because of people who seem to want the attention of the church focused on them, and who simply ignore mission, including the continuing urging of the church to enter into conversation with homosexual persons. Only in rare instances has that been organized and done thoroughly, even when urged by primates. Who are they kidding?”

The bishop, who is retired, lives with his third wife in Maine.


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