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Bishop Love and his Upcoming Kangaroo Court Justice

Bishop Love and his Upcoming Kangaroo Court Justice
His hearing will reveal the true face of The Episcopal Church


By David W. Virtue, DD
April 20, 2020

Sometime in late April a hearing will take place regarding the future of Albany Episcopal Bishop William H. Love. (Because of the Coronavirus, the hearing scheduled for April 21 will now be virtual and meet at a new date and time.)

If all goes as planned, he will be found guilty for not obeying Episcopal Resolution B012 passed at the last General Convention and for his "sin" in refusing to allow homosexual marriages to take place in his diocese, he will be cast into outer darkness. For the moment he has only been partially inhibited, but that is expected to change...permanently.

The real truth is that it is not Bishop Love as the "respondent" who is on trial, but the Episcopal Church itself.

You see, the Episcopal Church and its "love" talking, hip hop dancing Presiding Bishop must face the truth that this resolution has over-ruled Scripture placing homosexual marriage alongside heterosexual marriage (if not above it) in complete violation of what the Church has taught for 2,000 years.

"Male and female created He them" has now been replaced by "male and male and female and female created He them," tacitly upgrading God's original intent by informing the Almighty that marriage 2.0 is here to stay because The Episcopal Church says so.

Of course, this begs the even deeper post-modern question which is, is the Episcopal Church a "welcoming, inclusive and diverse" church or is this just a lot of malarkey?

If you have been following the Church long enough you know that the Episcopal Church speaks in code when it comes to phrases like "inclusion" and "diversity" -- it only goes one way. You are only truly "inclusive" if you embrace sodomy and homosexual marriage, and if you don't you are a second class Episcopalian to be tolerated, hopefully won over (which has happened with the Communion Partner bishops) or you can leave and form your own more perfect union elsewhere.

The former Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, one Frank Griswold said, when he was elected "my door is open to all," but in truth he slammed the door in the face of those who were truly orthodox, embraced Gene Robinson, and when he scampered across the Atlantic to persuade George Carey not to recognize the AMiA, he coined the phrase "generous orthodoxy" to include homosexuals and lesbians. Sadly, Carey fell for it.

Of course, there is no such thing as "generous orthodoxy," it is a contradiction in terms. You are either orthodox or heterodox, there is no elasticity in the word. It is adjectively impossible.

The Episcopal Church's mantra that "we are open to all", is clearly a lie. It is "open" to a small minority of pansexualists who have managed to persuade the broader church that they have changed God's mind for Him, which must have come as something of a surprise if not a shock to the ruler of the universe.

The Episcopal Church is open to homosexual and lesbian priests and bishops and possibly one day, a homoerotic presiding bishop. It is not open to someone like Bishop Love who says he would obey God rather than a General Convention resolution.

For Love, who was born and raised in the Episcopal Church, it must be truly heartbreaking to see the Church in its current state. There is little doubt how this kangaroo court will go. If they should find he did not violate B012 the Church's homosexual and lesbian bishops would have apoplectic fits, dance naked through the nave of Washington Cathedral demanding justice be done. Bishop Love is history.

The deeper truth is that when they have found him guilty and tossed him out of the Episcopal Church, he will find a home in the ACNA, and publicly embraced by GAFCON chairman Foley Beach. But there will still be pain. TEC loses a faithful bishop while it continues to embrace sodomite bishops and daughters of lesbos in the name of inclusion.

An interesting footnote is how Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will attempt to spin this to Archbishop Justin Welby and the broader Anglican communion. Welby will be forced to withdraw Love's invitation to the Lambeth Conference whenever it is held?

Curry's love talk is as fake as Trump's hair, but in a feel-good society that cares more about feelings and emotion than truth, he will probably get away with it.

You cannot consummate the unconsummatable. TEC will ultimately pay the price and it will be its own inevitable demise.


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