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Biblical Sexual Ethicist Blasts Secular Media over Franklin Graham's Condemnation of Buttigieg's Gay Stance

Biblical Sexual Ethicist Blasts Secular Media over Franklin Graham's Condemnation of Buttigieg's Gay Stance

By Robert A. J. Gagnon
April 26, 2019

The WashPost, NBC, CNN, and other MSM leftwing outlets are going nutty in a calculated way and faking outrage that Franklin Graham would express the scriptural and historic Christian view about homosexual practice in commenting on Buttigieg's attempts at bashing faithful Christians. The purpose of the fake outrage by the MSM is to make Christians pay a prohibitive cost for expressing the views that Jesus held on human sexuality. Don't fall for it. Push back against the media.

This is the 'outrageous' message that Graham tweeted: "Mayor Buttigieg says he's a gay Christian. As a Christian I believe the Bible which defines homosexuality as sin, something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized. The Bible says marriage is between a man & a woman--not two men, not two women." He is absolutely right about what the Scriptures say.

The only caution that I would make is to recommend changing "homosexuality" to "homosexual practice," so as not to communicate that a person is culpable merely for experiencing involuntary desires to do what God expressly forbids. Jesus holds us responsible for entertaining in our minds sinful desires (see his adultery-of-the-heart statement) and for acting on such desires in our hearts, not for being afflicted by involuntary sinful urges. I trust that this is what Franklin Graham means but clarity is critical. Note how the WashPost headline deliberately plays on the confusion: "Graham blasts Buttigieg for being gay." "Being gay"? Does "being gay" mean the initial experience of involuntary homosexual impulses (no culpability) or the active entertainment and promotion of homosexual practice in thought and deed (culpability)? The left-wing MSM loves to distort the orthodox Christian belief on sexuality.

The WashPost promotes Buttigieg's characterization of himself and all "gays" and "transgenders" as among "the least of these" with whom Jesus identifies in his parable of the sheep and the goats (the judgment of the nations; Matthew 25:31-46). Bad exegesis and application of Jesus' words.

First of all, in context "the least of these" most likely refers to Christian missionaries who proclaim the gospel to the nations and suffer persecution for doing so. It certainly doesn't refer to persons who engage in sexual behavior that God and Christ find abhorrent and experience some cultural disapproval for doing so. If it were otherwise, we should be classing as among "the least of these" all polygamists and other polyamorists, participants in adult-consensual incest, and even persons who engage in adult-adolescent or adult-child "love" and all the more so to the degree that they experience greater societal disapprobation than "gays" and "transgenders."

My point is that if the standard is "Support the conduct of any group that experiences some degree of societal ostracism," there are a whole lot more aberrant sexual behaviors that should be embraced. Don't stint yourself with homosexual practice and transgenderism. If the God-ordained sexual binary to which Jesus appealed as a basis for limiting sexual unions to two and only two persons no longer has significance, then start siding with these "least of these." If the uber-sameness of homosexual unions can be embraced (where people are aroused by the sexual distinctives of their own sex and where a man sees another male as his true sexual counterpart, or a woman another female, as though each were only half his or her own sex), why not the kinship sameness of an adult-consensual incestuous union (at least where procreation can't happen or is guarded against)?

Second, it appears to be not enough for the "LGBTQIA+" juggernaut that homosexual practice and transgenderism now have the full endorsement of the media, entertainment industry, institutions of higher learning (where self-identifying as "gay" or "transgender" is now a plus for admissions and hiring at Ivy League and other high-end schools), the Democratic Party, and the corporate world (where "affirmative action" programs are in place). Buttigieg was a Rhodes Scholar and is a mayor running for President whom the MSM are gushing over despite a horrible political record. I should be treated with so much "contempt." Faithful Christians, by contrast, are being fined, fired from their jobs, regularly demeaned, and culturally ostracized for believing what Jesus believed. If you want to "side with those who [are] being treated with contempt," then return to Christian orthodoxy on sexual ethics.


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