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Archbishop Makgoba's muddled theology aims at unifying the impossible

Archbishop Makgoba's muddled theology aims at unifying the impossible
Archbishop of Cape Town says 2020 boycotts will not help anyone
The Lambeth Conference will not see GAFCON bishops attending Lambeth

By David W. Virtue, DD
July 4, 2019

Cape Town Archbishop Thabo Makgoba wants orthodox bishops who profoundly disagree with Archbishop Justin Welby on sexuality issues, to attend Lambeth 2020 because Anglicans can agree to disagree and still gather together to feel the love.

In an article at the ACNS website, Makgoba is quoted as saying, "I'm urging everyone to say really, that boycotts have never helped any of our nations to attain freedom. Boycotts never helped us to agree on the creeds in the Anglican tradition. Boycotts fuel breakages. But, if we all come around the table at Lambeth, and African Christians have a say, all other Christians have a say. Let's all come and sit around the table, acknowledge our pain, try to remedy our brokenness, try to remove the tensions. But we can't just say, 'Let's vote: are you in or are you out?' That's not how the Church works."

He went on to say this; "It is really my prayer that if those who are in GAFCON are not on board, we have not started the debate fully. We need those in GAFCON to be around the table, we need those who are in the Anglican Church in North America [ACNA] to be around the table. We need those who have just quietly left, or those who don't understand what we are talking about, around the table, so we can hear every possible voice; and what is our obligation to God in such a time like this."

Oi vey!

The following ten observations should be noted.

1. The Anglican Church of Southern Africa, of which Makgoba is its primate, has been in the pay of the American Episcopal Church for decades, along with money from Trinity Wall Street. While they have argued that money comes with no strings attached, the CAPA bishops know better. Makgoba will not now nor ever bite the hand that feeds him. Money always has strings attached. Always. Furthermore, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry says he is willing to use money to force African nations to accept homosexuality.
2. This is not a boycott. The GAFCON archbishops say that Justin Welby has steadfastly refused to enforce Lambeth Resolution 1:10, the Anglican gold standard on human sexuality, which is founded on Holy Scripture, and GAFCON provinces have said they will not sit down with any province that has deliberately undermined this resolution. Think Gene Robinson's consecration in 2003. Furthermore this "debate" has been going on since 1989 and has not diminished and has in fact caused a de facto schism.
3. On 'acknowledging pain.' Orthodox Episcopalians have been in pain for two decades as they have watched their position on human sexuality eviscerated, ridiculed and torn apart. The result in The Episcopal Church has been the complete decimation of the orthodox in their ranks with only one or two dioceses that might be considered orthodox in faith and morals left. The best known is the Diocese of Albany whose bishop has been 'partially inhibited' because he refused to sign on to Resolution B012 allowing homosexual marriages.
4. You say you want the ACNA at the table. Really! Welby invited Archbishop Foley Beach to come to Lambeth as an 'ecumenical observer' meaning that he wasn't really an Anglican at all! Has Welby changed his mind? Have you spoken to him about this? I think not.
5. Your own province has violated Lambeth 1:10. In 2004, you approved the ordination of openly homosexuals to the priesthood.
6. Your own province has not grown in the years since then, while other African Anglican provinces have been roaring ahead with conversions, new dioceses, bishops and archbishops. The Church of Nigeria has grown so fast it now has 14 ecclesiastical provinces. It has rapidly increased the number of its dioceses and bishops from 91 in 2002 to 161 as at January 2013. Can you make any such claims? They are solidly evangelical and will have no truck with sodomy. Their problems are with Boko Haran and Fulani tribesman and still they thrive. One of the reasons Nigerian Anglicans are being slaughtered and their dioceses destroyed is precisely because Muslim radicals argue that the West has embraced homosexuality. Why in God's name would Archbishop Nicholas Okoh sit down with you or your fellow progressive archbishops and bishops when his people are being killed in the name of Christ!
7. You have no conception the damage you and your fellow progressive bishops have done to Christianity in general and to Anglicanism in particular, over homosexuality. God in His judgement is allowing Western Anglicanism to die while African, Asian and South American Anglicanism thrives.
8. You write: "...who don't understand what we are talking about, around the table, so we can hear every possible voice." We have indaba'd ourselves to death since 1998 with no progress. Hearing and agreeing are two different things. We have seen what "hearing" looks like in TEC. It means that the orthodox either roll over or face obliteration. Just ask Bishop Bill Love of Albany how he is feeling these days. As an Episcopal bishop he will have received an invitation to Lambeth 2020. Why don't you ask him to lead a seminar or small indaba group about what it feels like to be an Episcopal bishop. He will tell you I'm sure. Then you should ask Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to apologize for brokering homosexual marriage into TEC, release the partial inhibition on Bishop Love and see how that goes. While you are at it, perhaps you might ask Curry to stop spending millions of dollars on lawsuits for properties he knows will be empty in ten years. See if that works. You might suggest that the millions he is spending on suing dioceses like Ft. Worth and South Carolina could be better spent feeding, clothing and housing the poor. Watch his face as he answers you. If he starts to implode, remind him that he is the 'love bishop'. You say you want to "remedy our brokenness", well these are some suggestions.
9. The deeper truth is that GAFCON already owns 50 million of the 70 million Anglicans worldwide, so why would they want to sit down with bishops like you who only have 20 million aging Anglicans who will be dead in a decade or so.
10. The CofE musters 772,000 average Sunday attendance, the Episcopal Church just over 500,000 and the Anglican Church of Canada about 300,000 (though they have done no head counting since 2013.) That's no bigger than a couple of Nigerian dioceses. While orthodox Anglicans are finding it hard to find buildings to grow and expand, the only objects progressives are building are columbariums.

You write; "The Anglican Communion is not at present setting a good example to the world of how to achieve reconciliation." It never will, while progressives run the communion and mock, berate and wipe out orthodox Anglicans who refuse to change their minds on sexuality just to keep up with the culture. You need to take a leaf out of the book of the Ugandan Martyrs who refused to bow the knee to a king and submit to sodomy. There's a lesson you and your fellow progressive (culturally Marxist) bishops could learn from about "reconciliation." And that's why the GAFCON bishops will not be in Lambeth in 2020 and will meet instead in Kilgali, Rwanda, a month before, there to proclaim the gospel in all its fullness.


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