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Archbishop Foley Beach Blasts Western Anglican Leaders for Persecuting Faithful Anglicans

Archbishop Foley Beach Blasts Western Anglican Leaders for Persecuting Faithful Anglicans
Bishop Love has stood alone against a rising tide of ridicule for his biblical positions, positions which have always been held by the Church

By David W. Virtue, DD
November 19, 2020

The Chairman of GAFCON and ACNA, Archbishop Foley Beach accused Anglican revisionists of persecuting godly bishops for what he called their "failed Western Anglican Leadership". He cited Albany Bishop William Love for his faithfulness to the gospel and the way he was being persecuted.

In his November letter to GAFCON followers, Archbishop Beach wrote; "Sadly, we continue to hear reports from around the Communion of faithful, orthodox, biblical followers of Jesus being persecuted for their adherence to the teaching of the Scriptures. Bishop William Love in the Diocese of Albany is the most recent example of failed Western Anglican Leadership and we see it in other places as well."

Bishop Love is a godly and good man, said Beach. "I am so thankful for his faithful stand regarding the office of a diocesan bishop and for keeping to the teaching and moral ethics of the Bible as he has served in the Episcopal Church here in North America. He is a man who has felt the full weight and responsibility of his calling and has sought to humbly follow the Lord's direction. He has been standing alone against a rising tide of ridicule for his biblical positions, positions which have always been held by the Church."

Beach said GAFCON was praying for Bishop Love and the many people who find themselves in provinces and dioceses with compromised and failing leadership. "To everyone like him in difficult positions, you are not alone as so many around the world contend with you in prayer for the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are grateful for your faith in the midst of opposition and persecution."

Beach pointed to the province of South Sudan and its Archbishop Deng for their courage and growth despite persecution.

"A few years ago, I heard Archbishop Deng from the Province of South Sudan describe the growth of the church in his worn-torn nation. He said (paraphrased) they murder our people and the church grows. They raided our villages and the church grows. To those of us listening, his words were so clear to us: the church preaches the gospel (in season or out of it) and God builds His church. We commend these brothers and sisters who prevailed seeing more baptisms and more new churches in a very difficult spot in world history. Their example is a great reminder to the rest of us of the fruitfulness of faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Beach said the GAFCON network is appealing to world leaders on behalf of the persecuted. "They lobby for the cause of religious freedom and they shame those who attack the people of God as attacking the Lord Jesus himself."

Beach ripped failed Western Anglican Leadership saying; We will preach the gospel, we will make disciples, we will plant churches, we will form new dioceses, and we will launch new Provinces everywhere in the world where the Anglican Communion has turned its back on the faith once delivered to the saints, and where they have turned their back on the collegiality of the faith that "has been believed everywhere, always, by all." (St. Vincent of Lerins).

The truth of the gospel is the unity of the church and that unity propels the work of the church forward, he said.

"GAFCON is about 'Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations', and calling our Anglican Communion to repentance, renewal, and reform," said the GAFCON chairman.

While the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, remains the titular leader of the world's 77 million Anglicans, it is now apparent that Archbishop Foley Beach is the second most powerful Anglican leader. Archbishop Beach has the allegiance of the vast majority of Global South Anglicans under the umbrella of GAFCON. He is the leader of the rapidly rising Anglican Church in North America.


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