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Archbishop of Canterbury Sees Little Hope for ACNA Being Part of the Anglican Communion

Archbishop of Canterbury Sees Little Hope for ACNA Being Part of the Anglican Communion
Communion and Instruments of Unity still strong, says ABC
Welby not rethinking Lambeth Conference in 2018. Will seek consensus from Primates before any decision is made

By David W. Virtue DD
October 4, 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby said in an interview with Irish Gazette editor Canon Ian Ellis that there is little hope the Anglican Church in North America will [ever] be part of the Anglican Communion. “It is not part of the Anglican Communion” he said, indicating that he saw no point in the foreseeable future when this might be the case. He described the ACNA as a “separate church”.

He said that where there is the possibility for ecumenical partners, we will seek reconciliation.

Welby, who is visiting every province in the communion, said that virtually everywhere he goes, the analysis or definition of being Anglican is being in communion with Canterbury. “There is a strong attachment with Canterbury,” he added.

Welby described the communion as “vibrant” saying “bridge building and reconciliation” are at the heart of the life of the Communion.

Welby praised Truro, Virginia, priest, the Rev. Tory Baucom, whom he appointed a Canterbury Six Preacher, adding that he was a sign of reconciliation. He said Baucom was a priest in the Anglican Communion before the birth of the ACNA. “He is validly ordained and is a significant scholar”, he said.

VOL has made the point that the efforts to find common ground between Baucom and the progressive views of Episcopal Bishop Shannon Johnston of the Diocese of Virginia have less to do with reconciliation than a temporary accommodation.

Welby opined that whatever size the church, it tends to have good links with government, bridge building, and reconciliation.

“With few exceptions, there is enormous life and vigor in the Anglican Communion." He cited the Sudan for its peace building and reconciliation efforts. “Ditto for the Great lakes region like Burundi,” he added.

Asked about whether the Archbishop of Canterbury was “burying the instruments of unity” as one blogger reported, Lambeth Palace spokesman Ed Thornton told VOL, “I didn't hear him (Welby) say anything in the interview about burying Instruments of Unity in the Communion. He said many Primates he has met with value the link with Canterbury.


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