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Anglican Patrimony in Moscow

Anglican Patrimony in Moscow

By Simon Dennerly
Special to Virtueonline
May 16, 2019

Very recently in Russia was the first ever Divine Worship Mass held by the 'Ordinariate Support Group
in Moscow'- a group of Russian Catholics with a devotion to the Anglican Patrimony of the Personal
Ordinariares. The group is hoping this Mass will be the first of many.

When the Personal Ordinariates were erected in the Catholic Church for former Anglicans, and other
converts of other churches of Anglican heritage like Methodists etc, it was quite unforeseen an
Ordinariate group would form in Moscow and would start gathering to pray regular Evensong in a
Franciscan monastery, starting in early 2017. The group has built up relations with the UK's Our Lady
of Walsingham Personal Ordinariate (OLW) and it's Friends of the Ordinariate association.

The organizer of the Moscow Ordinariate group was an Anglican for 10 years and is an OLW
Ordinariate member, with many others in the group being attracted to the Anglican Patrimony, having
over the years traveled to the UK and joining Ordinariate communities for worship.

The Divine Worship Mass was celebrated by Fr John Boyle in the Crypt Chapel of the Immaculate
Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Moscow, using the Divine Worship Missal gifted
to them by the OLW's Friends of the Ordinariate association. Fr Mark Elliott-Smith and David Northey
of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory also donated Altar Cards for the Mass. The Ordinariate
Support Group in Moscow works with Una Voce Russia, whose mission is the "Preservation of the
doctrinal, historical and cultural identity of the Catholic Church in Russia.".

There is another such Ordinariate group called the Anglican Use in the Philippines which regularly
gathers for Evensong in Manila, and is also working towards holding it's own Divine Worship Mass,
towards possibly joining the Australian Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, of
which some are already members. Many of this group have a Methodist background.

Recently the Vatican release revised norms with increased allowance for non-Ordinariate Catholic
Clergy to celebrate the liturgy of Divine Worship, if it is at least for one Ordinariate member. With
applications of those wanting to form Ordinariate communities having had been made from South
America, South Africa, New Zealand etc in future we may see future Ordinariate groups pop up outside
the three established Ordinariates.


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