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Anglican Diocese of Egypt Remembers its Martyrs

Anglican Diocese of Egypt Remembers its Martyrs
The ′′Episcopal′′ is the martyrs of the armed forces in Sinai: They gave their good blood for our lives

By Mouneer Anis
September 1, 2020

Dr. Mounir Hanna, Archbishop of the Alexandria region of the Anglican Episcopal Church, mourned officers and soldiers of the armed forces in Sinai who were martyred on Sunday in an armed confrontation against the atonement elements in Sinai.

The Archbishop said in his statement: The martyrs gave their good blood as a price for the security and stability of Egyptians, praying that God bless them with their mercy and inspire their families patience and solace.

Hanna stressed that terrorist operations will not prevent Egyptians from moving forward in the path of economic and social development, but rather drive the armed forces and police to do more in that ongoing war against terrorism and evil forces that do not want stability nor peace for Egypt.

The Archbishop, pastors and people of the Episcopal Church always remember and in all their prayers Egypt's martyrs and brave soldiers who pay their lives a price for peace with rare courage.


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