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African Bishop Decries ECUSA's Tainted Money


By David W. Virtue

LONG BEACH, CA (6/3/2004)--A bishop from Western Kenya, the Rt. Rev. Joseph Wasonga blasted the Episcopal Church saying, "we will never accept money from anyone who does not acknowledge the authority of Scripture or believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life."

Speaking to more than 800 orthodox Episcopalians meeting under the banner of Plano-West - Anglicans committed to the Great Commission, the African bishop said that the official position of the Anglican Consultative Council is that any part of the Anglican Communion which is involved in homosexuality is in disunity, "and we cannot walk together. We are members of the Body of Christ and we must be subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ."

"The devil is always against the will of God. We have three enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil. We should not allow the world to swallow us up."

The bishop said the African Church would never again accept money from The Episcopal Church under its present leadership.

Canon Michael Green, England's premier evangelical Anglican preacher and Wycliffe College teacher said that African bishops have declined to take any more tainted money from ECUSA.

"The other half of the story is that they are broke and in desperate need but they have taken a strong stand and won't back down."

"They have rejected Trinity Wall Streets millions, and because of the stand they have taken against homosexuality they have been rejected by liberal dioceses across America. We need to support these struggling faithful brothers and there courage with generosity."

Green cited the Church Father Tertullian who said that contributions were voluntary.


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