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By Chuck Collins
December 4, 2022

If your sermon doesn't lead me to Jesus, please don't preach! Let someone else. Please do not give one more sermon on tithing, or prayer, or serving that doesn't lead me to Christ. That's no more effective than yelling "you're dead" to the corpse on the couch. A sermon on "giving" can either be an opportunity to discover the One who gave up his home in heaven to give us life, or it's fundraising.

A sermon on praying more or "praying like Daniel" may improve my Christian performance, but it won't lead me to consider the hope that is outside of me in the One who prayed blood drops of anguish as our Ultimate Intercessor. I've heard sermons on love that nearly destroyed me, because, God knows, I don't love him with my whole heart, soul, and mind, and I need God who understands my failure to love.

Advent sermons that tell me what I should do for God, sermons that give me exercises for my spiritual conditioning, spiritual disciplines meant to show my sincerity, can only accidentally help people like me to the love of God. But Advent sermons that bring me to consider God's love for the unlovely - God who came to tabernacle in the mess of our lives - to be our substitute in his life and death, each time announce the hope that I am desperate to hear. I know he loves me because he loves sinners, the broken hearted, and the poor in spirit. I pray for you tonight and I'll come in the morning to listen because I need to be reminded just how great Jesus is.


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