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ACNA is the Only Place for These Three TEC Bishops

ACNA is the Only Place for These Three TEC Bishops
Anglicans continue to unravel as GAFCON ratchets up pain on Welby

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 30, 2020

It was another bad year for the Episcopal Church.

Not only did annual statistics show a denomination in decline with average Sunday attendance, marriages, confirmations, deaths and departures continuing to plummet; the Church also lost three bishops, publicly embarrassing Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, whose talk of "beloved community" and squishy talk of "love" failed to galvanize the faithful hunkered down in their homes to avoid a rampant virus.

Former Central Florida Bishop John W. Howe upped and left TEC for the ACNA saying that Resolution B012 upholding homosexual marriage was a bridge too far. Bishop William Skilton was politely told he could no longer minister to Episcopal parishes in South Carolina and he will shortly be ensconced as an ACNA bishop in the area. Albany Bishop William Love was shown the door for failing to approve of homosexual marriages that have no basis in Scripture, the Prayer Book or the Church's 2,000-year history.

Woke progressivism was not a winning ticket for Curry. His royal theatre marriage performance that briefly brought him celebrity status failed to translate into filling Episcopal pews. "Beloved community" were empty words. The more he talked up a plethora of social justice issues, the more Episcopalians just yawned, wrote out a check and went on with their lives.

His mostly white bishops were berated over critical race theories, and, as a result felt duly humbled, (read humiliated,) bowing before calls for reparations to atone for their guilt.

Still and all, The Episcopal Church carried on as though little was wrong. Money could be obtained from Trinity Wall Street to fund TECs pansexual message to influence weak Global South bishops open to manipulation to TEC's agenda.

The elephant in the Anglican Communion room is, of course, GAFCON. Its very existence rankles Justin Welby. He both fears and hates the contra Anglican movement as it eats into his base, galvanizing evangelical Anglicans even as his own Church of England is increasingly conflicted over homosexual marriage and slowly empties. One by one, evangelical vicars are walking away from the Mother Church, leaving for greener spiritual pastures.

GAFCON made a strategic move and dropped one of their own bishops behind enemy lines upsetting the ecclesiastical status quo, galvanizing evangelicals and forcing progressive Anglicans to amalgamate to fight this new Anglican "virus".

Welby has been pushed into a corner from which there is no escape. He is increasingly being pummeled by Britain's secular press. His pathetic leadership of the Anglican Communion has not gone unnoticed by orthodox Anglicans worldwide. Welby is privately ridiculed as a managerial wonk, thin theologically, surrendering to happy-clappy evangelicalism, even weaker on moral issues, groveling over ancient sins and much more.

The Hegelian driven Rowan Williams, who was flame-torched as a communion wrecker by the former primate of Nigeria as he exited as Archbishop of Canterbury, is starting to look good.

Any hope the communion entertained that Welby would bring renewal if not revival has totally evaporated. He could walk on water across the Thames River and still not be believable. He has compromised too much over sexuality issues for global orthodox Anglicans to find him believable or trustworthy. His refusal to uphold Lambeth Resolution 1:10 and discipline errant bishops, makes him complicit in heresy.

One Anglican magazine news headline ran, "Synod could debate same-sex marriage in 2022", pretty well guarantees it is a done deal. Resistance is useless.

After all, when a leading Church of England Lesbian activist lashes out at conservatives who hold to the Bible's clear teaching on sexual ethics, accusing them of being "Holocaust deniers" and "rapists" and there is no pushback, you have to ask yourself how far capitulation has gone!

The next Lambeth Conference will be a bust. It will begin with a queer Eucharist and end with hopes and aspirations never realized or fulfilled, with millions spent on a faux unity. Welby will rage on about climate change and a bible study will make it the most expensive gabfest in Anglican history.

The Anglican communion no longer belongs to the West or the Church of England. It is solidly in the hands of the Global South, led by evangelical activist provinces like Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Welby, like Banquo's ghost, will walk the ramparts of Lambeth Palace bemoaning his future, more concerned with England's physical poverty than the spiritual poverty of most British lives.

The only question remains who will race to the bottom first. Will it be the Church of England or The Episcopal Church? I would bet a Ladbroke's bet that it is the CofE; TEC still has millions to spend on woke issues.


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