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September 27 2018 By dvirtue Episcopal clergywomen rebuke statements "antithetical to the Episcopal Church's expectations of clergy"

He added that the presumption of guilt has only grown since 1991. "With the #MeToo movement, it makes it even harder for him," Mr. Danforth said. "It was bad enough for Clarence, but this is really going to be difficult."

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September 22 2018 By dvirtue Brisbane Anglican Cathedral Pride Evensong Offers Prayers to "Erotic Christ"

The sermon was given by the Dean of the Cathedral, Peter Catt, who is currently advocating for the blessing of same-sex unions both in the wider media and at the Brisbane synod in direct contradiction of long-established church doctrine and teaching.

The service sheet [pdf] shows that the liturgy was built around the 1662 evensong service with additional intercessions that understands were drawn from a "Rainbow Christ" prayer and include the following:

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September 20 2018 By dvirtue LONDON: Bishop Andrew Lines Commissioned for GAFCON Ministry

Bishop Lines was commissioned as chairman of GAFCON UK and as a deputy General Secretary (there is one for each international region) of GAFCON by the outgoing general secretary of GAFCON, Archbishop Peter Jensen and his successor, Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi of Jos Nigeria.

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September 20 2018 By dvirtue LAKELAND, FL: St. David’s Episcopal to merge with St. Stephen’s

He expects as many as 70 parishioners to follow him to St. Stephen’s, which has seen average Sunday attendance dwindle to about 120.

The St. David’s property of nearly 2 acres won’t stay empty for long. Redemption Church of Lakeland, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, is purchasing the property for $1.85 million, according to its lead pastor, the Rev. Brannen Padgett.

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September 19 2018 By dvirtue PITTSBURGH: Anglican Bishop Responds to Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal

The stories in the report stir horror at the abuse; followed closely by anger at the cover up. Men who
represented Christ broke laws, betrayed trust, and violated children. My heart cries out for judgment,
for retribution, and for some way of making things right. But, nothing can undo the horror; no
human solution can ever "make things right." Certainly, victims' stories should be heard and their

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September 19 2018 By dvirtue Episcopal bishop sorry for making up Israeli atrocities

Harris, the second-highest ranking Episcopal official in the state, later clarified that she had heard the stories from a third party.

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September 12 2018 By dvirtue NEW ZEALAND: Anglican church leaders resign over Anglican decision on same-sex blessings

"It's not easy to be a Christian in today's society, so if you're actually going to be a Christian you may as well hold onto what you believe rather than running with the crowd," Anderson said.

The Anglican ruling body, the General Synod, voted in May to allow same-sex blessings, but only if they are authorised by the local bishop. Former Christchurch Bishop Victoria Matthews discusses the regional synod vote in March.

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September 11 2018 By dvirtue Anglican bishop among dead in South Sudan plane crash

The Rt Rev Simon Adut was among the dead, Abel confirmed.

One of the survivors, an Italian doctor working with a charity, was in stable condition and flown to Juba having undergone surgery in Yirol, the minister said.

The plane crashed by a river and an eyewitness had earlier said bodies were recovered from the water.

There were three children among the 22 passengers, another source said.

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September 10 2018 By dvirtue ALBANY: Resolution B012 given wide hearing at clergy retreat

I invited the clergy to reflect and share their thoughts regarding B012, particularly as it impacts them individually and their ministry as deacons and priests; the potential impact on their parishes; and the potential impact on the Diocese as a whole. I also asked what they would like to see from the Bishop prior to December 2nd (the first Sunday of Advent and the effective date of all General Convention Resolutions).

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September 07 2018 By dvirtue Bishop Curry's "Love" Language Doesn't Halt Episcopal Decline

A loss of 13,709 attendees to a total of 556,744 resulted in a 2.4% decline in average Sunday attendance (ASA), despite occurring in a year when Christmas Eve occurred on a Sunday, which typically boosts attendance figures. The church's 10 year decline in attendance currently stands at 24%. The mean ASA is 55 persons, down from 57 in 2016.

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