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October 24 2016 By dvirtue SODOR AND MAN: Anglo-Catholic Vicar Resigns in Wake of Bishop's attack on Evangelical Vicar

The Archdeacon Andie Brown was present at the service when Rev. Boyle made his announcement and was seeking feedback from the congregation after the service. It is reported that both Bishop and Archdeacon have been attempting to close down the church. St Matthew's is the only church on the island that continues to fiercely resist women clergy and both bishop and archdeacon have been pursuing a pro-women's ordination agenda and imposing it on a number of unwilling parishes.

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October 21 2016 By dvirtue TORONTO: Election of gay bishop spurs complaint to Welby

They also claim that Robertson's inclusion was "contrary to the present doctrine and discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada," and that he was therefore "not duly qualified for the office of bishop."

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October 21 2016 By dvirtue Bishop Gene Robinson worked for Podesta group targeting Catholics

WASHINGTON -- Following a leaked email from prominent political actors about a possible "Catholic Spring" movement to plant "seeds of the revolution" within the Church, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has rebuked interference in the Church and a political discourse that marginalizes the faithful and demeans women.

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October 19 2016 By dvirtue SODOR AND MAN: Bishop Pursues Witch-hunt against Former CofE Priest

The only cleric from the diocese, Rev Clive Burgess, has already withdrawn from the tribunal and no other cleric from the diocese is willing to replace him.

Last month, Dr Gomes and his wife were forced to call the police complaining of harassment after they continued to receive letters at their new home sent by registered post and hand delivery from the Bishop's Office.

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October 15 2016 By dvirtue AUSTRALIA: Gay marriage trend may collapse like communism, claims Anglican Church in leaked document

It was subsequently ​passed on to Fairfax Media by sources concerned about the influence of the conservative Sydney diocese on the church. The document was issued by the senior Sydney Bishop Michael Stead, the chairman of the Archbishop's Plebiscite taskforce on gay marriage, who described ​same-sex marriage as "a long way from the good picture of marriage given to us by Jesus and the Bible."​

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October 12 2016 By dvirtue PERTH: Anglican Archbishop Roger Herft stands aside to 'focus' on sex abuse royal commission

He said he would stand aside from all duties including ordinations, pastoral visits, public functions, correspondence and related engagements.

"I have taken this decision after much prayer, thought and consultation with my advisors to allow for the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Perth to flourish," he wrote.

"I am humbled by the courage and fortitude of survivors and victims of child sexual abuse as they continue to bear witness to their stories of suffering."

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October 12 2016 By dvirtue CAIRO: The Church and the Challenge of World Evangelization

Zavala said that many who speak about mission have not planted a church in twenty years. We ask "What are your 'touch-points' with society?" If you have none, then your church is isolated. A church's budget will show us its heart. The budget speaks aloud. A budget that is always the same is a maintenance budget. There is nothing new. If a church of 300 people has not planted a new church, that church is in maintenance mode.

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October 11 2016 By dvirtue HARRISBURG, PA: Bishop Scanlan Deposes Priest Named in New England Prep School Sex Abuse Case

"We are committed to keeping God's children safe, and we are heartbroken when we fail," Scanlan said. "My hope is that the appalling events documented at St. George's School will lead our church to intensify its efforts to protect young people in every setting, and continue our commitment to preventing abuse with thorough training for clergy, staff and volunteers who work with children."

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October 11 2016 By dvirtue Dissent and Protest in Toronto

We hold that the election is out of order insofar as its slate included a candidate whose lifestyle is contrary to the teaching of the historic and universal church on chastity and marriage, and contrary to the present doctrine and discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada. According to the Constitution and Canons governing episcopal elections this candidate is, therefore, not duly qualified for the office of bishop and the election as a whole was irregular.

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October 11 2016 By dvirtue CAIRO: Reflections on the Anglican Global South Sixth Communique

It expresses our collective frustration, hope, and counsel to the Anglican Communion leadership on the state of our communion. It shows our faith, determination, and effort to restore this communion to wholeness. And it shows we are getting ready for the possibility of further deterioration, that we should be able to speak and act decisively.
- Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Province of Nigeria

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