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December 05 2016 By dvirtue Scandal of how UK refused visas to persecuted Christians

But there was no 'room at the inn' for the Archbishop of Mosul, the Archbishop of Homs and the Archbishop of St Matthew's Valley (Nineveh Valley). According to Barnabas Fund, the reasons given for their visas being refused included the claim that they did not have enough money to support themselves in the UK and that they might not leave the UK.

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December 03 2016 By dvirtue LOS ANGELES: Bruno Inhibits St. James Parish from attending LA Diocesan Convention 2016

Unfortunately, this year St. James the Great, after three years of full participation in convention, has seen our privilege of representation revoked by the bishop's office--we have not been allowed any delegates. Thus we are not able to enter the discussion and vote on any resolutions or canon amendments of vital interest to us, or the election of a bishop coadjutor who may likely decide our fate.

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December 01 2016 By dvirtue SAPELE, Nigeria:: Drama as parishioners padlock Bishop, others inside church over alleged financial impropriety

The hostilities degenerated to the extent that the violent congregation locked the bishop, other members of the clergy and youths in the cathedral during a service, last year that it took the breaking of the keys of the burglary proof and gate for them to get out. Saint Luke Cathedral, Sapele, is perhaps the only Anglican Church in the state where the members worship God in such a manner and even unbelievers are shocked as to why children of God would not bury the hatchet.

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November 30 2016 By dvirtue EASTERN MICHIGAN: Episcopal Bishop Warns Against Culture of Fear

"Within the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, these past ten years have seen a decline in membership and Average Sunday Attendance. We are now 45 congregations on our way very quickly to 43. Annual congregational giving has declined making financial viability increasingly difficult for an increasing number of congregations. Our population continues to decline and Michigan demographics show us growing older while losing our young to opportunities in other parts of the country," Ousley reported.

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November 30 2016 By dvirtue Ex-Anglican priest guilty of child abuse in Perth over 30 years

Cheek will face a sentencing hearing in February and was granted bail in the meantime with strict conditions, including that he not reapply for a passport and must stay away from airports, and must not have any contact with children or his victims.

Judge Ronald Birmingham said imprisonment was likely and told defence counsel Michael Perrella he had his work cut out for him to persuade him otherwise.

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November 30 2016 By dvirtue TASMANIA: Royal Commission lawyers deliver call to condemn (Anglican) church on abuse

The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania has rejected the proposed finding against Bishop Newell, who was the church's Tasmanian bishop from 1982 until he retired in 2000.

Its lawyer Neil Clelland, QC, called on the commission to extend Bishop Newell a greater level of "understanding" which it had granted other church officials.

The landmark Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse held public hearings in Hobart earlier this year.

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November 29 2016 By dvirtue URUGUAY: Anglican bishop issues hard-hitting challenge to proclamation

"I have already said that this is the third year that I am repeating what the basics are for us and, frankly, I have not seen many results. Maybe I'm the only one who sees it this way. Perhaps some of you could name many changes you have experienced in your own community. If this is so, I am happy and I apologise for my insistence on this."

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November 25 2016 By dvirtue MISSOURI: Episcopal church members in St. Louis sue to stop merger; allege mishandling of $360,000

The church at 2831 North Kings Highway Boulevard describes itself as the first and oldest predominantly African-American Episcopal church in Missouri, founded in 1874.

"Plaintiffs are currently barred from the church, the locks have been changed and the plaintiffs lack unfettered access to information, records and documentation due to the administrative office being removed," the suit says.

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November 24 2016 By dvirtue AUSTRALIA: Child abuse royal commission: defrocked Anglican dean denies leading group of paedophile priests

Mr Lawrence has been labelled one of the most influential priests in Newcastle's history, with a strong sphere of supporters that rallied behind him during his time as dean of the city from 1984 until 2008.

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November 22 2016 By dvirtue The Lambeth I:10 Briefing: Process and Motive, Truth and Love

There have been multiple versions of this briefing. The information released by GAFCON UK was from a version that included only a fraction of the total information gathered, and consisted almost entirely of public information that had often received wide coverage and had in some cases been promoted by LGBT activists (i.e. Category 4).

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