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August 03 2017 By dvirtue LEAMINGTON, Ont: Anglican church opens doors to Muslim worshippers

A Christian clergyman kneeling inside a mosque would normally be an unusual occurrence, but in Leamington -- the small farming community in southwestern Ontario -- it's become a common sight.

Asghar and many others regularly pray at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, where the Muslim community has set up a mosque, thanks to a deal worked out between the two religious communities.

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August 03 2017 By dvirtue South Carolina Supreme Court rules The Episcopal Church can reclaim 29 properties from breakaway parishes

It was not immediately clear in the ruling which parish properties fell into which group. Attorneys scrambled Wednesday to decipher the distinction, along with the fate of the beloved St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island.

St. Michael's Church, the oldest surviving religious building in Charleston, and St. Philip's Church, the oldest congregation in the state, appear to be among properties set to return to The Episcopal Church, several sources said.

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August 01 2017 By dvirtue Presiding Bishop places Further Partial Restriction on Bishop Bruno

The Further Partial Restriction removes Bishop Bruno's jurisdiction over all matters related to the St. James real and personal property, the congregation, and the vicar.

Acknowledging that Bishop Bruno is not in a position to exercise pastoral oversight of St James, it transfers pastoral oversight and jurisdiction to the Bishop Coadjutor, with the Standing Committee functioning in its standard canonical capacity.

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July 28 2017 By dvirtue UK: GAFCON bishop loses permission to officiate

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Southwark told The Church of England Newspaper this week: "All PTOs in the Diocese of Southwark fall due for renewal on 30 June each year. Andy Lines wrote to explain that he had moved his canonical residence to the Anglican Church in North American and in view of this change in circumstance his PTO has not been renewed.

"This is a Provincial matter and would need to be dealt with at a Provincial level."

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July 26 2017 By dvirtue The Movement for a Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism - Sign to join up

There are times, particularly in the face of social disintegration, when it is the duty of the Church to be counter cultural. The failure of the House of Bishops to uphold the teaching of the Bible and of the Universal Church in this area is very disappointing, if not surprising.

Booing of traditionalists and the levels of personal abuse aimed at them during the Synod have only deepened mistrust between the different sides.

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July 25 2017 By dvirtue The Queen's former chaplain is leading a vicar rebellion over gay marriage, as he threatens to break away from the Church of England

They claim that the most recent meeting of the General Synod - the Church of England's lawmaking body which earlier this month appeared to signal support for gay marriage - has caused "great concern" to Anglicans, and has deepened tensions between the traditionalist and progressive camps.

"There are times, particularly in the face of social disintegration, when it is the duty of the Church to be counter-cultural," the letter said.

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July 23 2017 By dvirtue Hearing Panel to recommend suspension of ministry for Bruno

B) The Hearing panel declines to depose Bishop Bruno

C) The Hearing Panel is not aware of any evidence supporting a need for forensic accounting. IF the Church Attorney possesses such evidence he should present it to the appropriate authorities.

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July 19 2017 By dvirtue An Open Letter to Anglicans of Great Britain

Accordingly, and in preparation for such eventualities we, as some of those committed to the renewal of biblical and orthodox Anglicanism have already started to meet, on behalf of our fellow Anglicans, to discuss how to ensure a faithful ecclesial future.

We now wish that we have done so to be more widely known.

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July 17 2017 By dvirtue St. James church property in Newport is under bishop's control, civil judge rules

The Griffith Co., which donated the land at 3209 Via Lido to the diocese in 1945, raised the deed restriction issue with Bruno in 2015 after the bishop agreed to sell the site to a developer that planned to build luxury townhomes there. Griffith acknowledged that it had dropped the deed restriction on three of the property's four lots in the 1980s to allow for parking. But it maintained that the restriction remained on the fourth lot, the central plot where the building sits.

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July 14 2017 By dvirtue Criminal investigation to be launched into St. Paul's School

"Protection of children is a paramount priority for law enforcement," said MacDonald in the statement. "I am confident that an institution such as St. Paul's School will be fully cooperative with this investigation as it has pledged that '[t]he safety and well-being of all students remains [its] highest priority."

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