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June 30 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Presiding Bishop Puts St. James the Great Church Sale on Hold

"I am deeply concerned that his act of entering into a new contract for sale of the same property, while his approach to the earlier sale is still under review, has the potential to undermine the integrity of the Church's disciplinary process," said Curry. He then placed what he called a "Partial Restriction on the Ministry of a Bishop."

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June 29 2017 By dvirtue Gloves Come Off in Bruno Trial

Bruno's counsel, Vice Chancellor Julie Dean Larsen, wrote this week that the "confidential sale of the NPB Property is not contrary to any order, representation, or understanding given by the Presiding Bishop, the Conference Panel or the Hearing Panel in this proceeding. ... The Bishop and the staff of the [Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles] made no representation that the property would be maintained in 'status quo.'"

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June 29 2017 By dvirtue WHEATON, IL: ACNA Provincial Assembly now in full swing

The first occurred on Monday when the ACNA College of Bishops met to seat and give voice and vote to former Episcopal Bishop Mark Lawrence (XIV South Carolina), making him the newest bishop in ANCA's expanding line of apostolic secession.

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June 29 2017 By dvirtue WHEATON, IL: ACNA College of Bishops approves admission of four new bishops

The Very Rev Walter Banek, grew up in Chicago, IL, the son of immigrants who came to the United States from Germany following World War II. He studied Architecture for two years at the University of Illinois (1970-1972) before deciding to transfer to Moody Bible Institute (1972-1975) where he received his BA in Bible Theology. He received his M.Div from Cummins Theological Seminary in Summerville, SC in 2000.

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June 29 2017 By dvirtue South Carolina becomes the newest and oldest ACNA diocese

South Carolina's affiliation with ACNA makes it one of five former Episcopal dioceses which have disaffiliated with The Episcopal Church and, eventually, realigned with ACNA. In 2009, four of the former TEC dioceses (Pittsburgh, Quincy, Fort Worth and San Joaquin) were founding ANCA dioceses, just as South Carolina was a founding diocese of The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in 1789.

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June 28 2017 By dvirtue Scottish Episcopal Church elects pro-gay marriage bishop as its new leader

Mark Strange previously made headlines by calling for gay marriage in church in 2015 and revealing he had previously been in love with a man.

Bishop Strange voted for the change in teaching which removed the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman and was passed earlier this month by the ruling general synod.

It means that gay couples can now marry in Scottish Anglican churches if they wish.

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June 27 2017 By dvirtue LOS ANGELES; St. James the Great: Under Contract

According to email from Julie Dean Larsen, a vice chancellor of the diocese who has been representing the bishop, Bruno was unable to disclose the proposed sale when the disciplinary panel asked about it June 14 because of a confidentiality agreement. Larsen said the confidentiality agreement was modified earlier in the day June 22 to enable her to respond.

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June 22 2017 By dvirtue JUBA: South Sudan Anglican church wants to mediate between political rivals

"We as ECS [the Episcopal Church of Sudan] think that the national al dialogue is an opportunity to talk to all the parties and the church has resulted to be going between the parties to reach a peaceful resolution to the conflict," said Deng.

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June 21 2017 By dvirtue Guatemala elects LGBT-friendly Episcopal Bishop

Fr. Romero is a native Guatemalan. In 1996, he received his diaconal ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, but travelled to the Central American Diocese of Belize for his priestly ordination. He was ordained by Bishop Sylvester Romero Palma (XIII Belize). Belize is within the jurisdiction of the Anglican Province of the West Indies.

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June 20 2017 By dvirtue LOS ANGELES: Episcopal Church panel prohibits local bishop from selling Newport Beach church

A spokesman for the diocese could not be reached for comment Saturday.

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