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April 05 2018 By dvirtue CANADA: Couple Kill Themselves in Joint Assisted Suicide as Anglican Church Official Cheers Them On

A Globe and Mail reporter interviewed the couple before they were put down, and the family was well aware of their plans. There were apparently no efforts at suicide prevention.

The first time the couple asked to be killed, their doctor -- a pro-euthanasia advocate -- approved both their deaths. But the second-opinion MD refused to certify because the husband did not have a diagnosed condition. So, the couple carried on for another year.

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April 01 2018 By dvirtue Unbelievable! Archbishop of Wales chooses EASTER to cast doubt on the Resurrection

Asked in an interview about the New Testament account of Jesus rising from the tomb, the Archbishop said: 'I don't think any of us actually knows, quite frankly.'

He told online magazine Christian Today that it was 'terribly hard' for people to grasp the idea of a bodily resurrection.

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March 29 2018 By dvirtue IRELAND: Proposed abortion change is "not an ethical position we can accept", archbishops say

The Archbishops said that the present constitutional provision "has proved less than satisfactory in some respects" and had suggested a possible constitutional modification. But they say the government's proposals go too far in legalising unrestricted access to abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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March 26 2018 By dvirtue Islam Poised to Pass Anglicans as Preferred Religion of Britain's Young Adults

It will be a while longer before adherents of Islam exceed Christians outright among the younger generation, but the UK is headed for that as well. At present only 21 percent of British young adults self-identify as Christians.

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March 21 2018 By dvirtue Justin Welby: Child sex abuse by priests will 'destroy the Church' if it continues

Speaking in trenchant terms on the fifth anniversary of his enthronement as archbishop, Welby warned those who failed to protect children would 'answer on the day of judgement for that'.

'That probably doesn't mean much to some people here,' he told the inquiry. 'But for me I think about that every day.'

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The first is an extraordinary initiative launched by AGMP called "The agape year." The initiative is a ministry "gap year" for those who are graduating from high school and who would like to offer themselves full-time for ministry and service to others in Christ's name.

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March 11 2018 By dvirtue CAPE TOWN, SA: Church begs for forgiveness as damning sex abuse claims surface

"As the Archbishop of southern Africa, I take responsibility for what has happened during the time of my predecessors and where we have wronged or failed anyone, we beg their forgiveness," Makgoba said.

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March 08 2018 By dvirtue Nigerian Primate Says GAFCON Exists Because Some Anglican Leaders Have Rejected Authority of Bible

"These divisions are deepening and will not be healed by the techniques of the corporate world. They are spiritual problems which need spiritual solutions and the first step is repentance, which requires that the unchanging truth of God's Word is clearly taught and acted upon."

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March 05 2018 By dvirtue NEW ZEALAND: Acceptance for same-sex couples moves closer as Anglicans pave way for marriage blessings

Christchurch Anglicans from across the diocese voted to approve a motion urging their leadership to push for the proposal when it is debated on a national level later this year.

The issue is enormously divisive and risks creating a major rift between traditionalists and progressives.

But at a meeting of the Christchurch Diocese at St Christopher's Church in Avonhead on Saturday the regional synod chose to back the proposal.

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March 04 2018 By dvirtue Scotland's first female bishop, Anne Dyer, consecrated for Aberdeen & Orkney

In January, the Primus issued a public rebuke to 18 clergy from the diocese who published an open letter criticising the selection of Anne Dyer, saying it "directly goes against the established wishes of the Diocese on the views it would hope that our new Bishop would hold, and minister to us from the perspective of them."

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