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August 14 2015 By dvirtue Albany Episcopal Bishop Under Fire Over Gay Resolution Resistance*Bishop Bruno under more Pressure*Planned Parenthood has 3 Episcopalians*Supreme Court to hear more of DofSC Sept. 23*New Anglican Leader Stands by Lambeth Resolution 1:10

British historian Paul Johnson makes the case that the remarkable growth of the American people from pioneering backwoodsmen to the most powerful and innovative nation on earth was largely fueled by America's religious fervor.

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August 07 2015 By dvirtue Women make up Two-Thirds of Episcopal Church new Survey finds*Washington Bishop Budde fires National Cathedral Organist*CofE Gay Leader Stymied over Church's lack of Inclusion*Abortion is "doing God's work" say TEC leaders

The power, immense power of the media, creates ideas and images in men's minds. Those images overwhelm the weaker among us and weaken the power of the will. They darken the intellect, and with will and intellect so ravaged, sin and evil move in. --- Michael Voris

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July 31 2015 By dvirtue Episcopal Church low on Diversity Scale*ACI leaders say Anglican Communion must act against TEC* LA Bishops' behavior actionable says PB's Bishop for Pastoral Development*ACNA Bishop Ames Retires

Paul's reasons then for insisting on male spiritual oversight of the family and the church are rooted in the doctrine of creation. God's purpose in creating male and female is that they would be complementary; that this complementarity means that our created natures with different strengths and weaknesses are meant to complement one another, so that together we are stronger.

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July 23 2015 By dvirtue Orthodox Episcopal Bishops Fight Back on TEC Marriage Canon Changes*Church of Wales in Death Throes*Owen Chadwick Dies*Pope Lauds Catholic Charismatics and Anglicans

Are you sick and tired of groveling apologies for homophobia? Then stop. You don't need to apologize for something you never felt, said or did. --- Anonymous

"Will we accept public ridicule because we are standing up for truth? Are we so afraid of disestablishment (in the CofE) that we will compromise the Gospel in order to preserve our increasingly imaginary secular privileges?" --- Prof. Gerald Bray

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July 17 2015 By dvirtue International Catholic Congress of Anglicans Meet in Texas*Four Episcopal Dioceses Reject Gay Marriage Resolutions* LA Bishop Bruno Faces Presentment Charges*Panic Hits CofE over Shrinking Future

Dear Brothers and Sisters
July 17, 2015

I am in Ft. Worth, Texas, this week attending the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans, a conciliar gathering of Catholic Anglicans, rooted, as they say, in the past, ready for the future.

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July 10 2015 By dvirtue GC2015 in Salt Lake City a Wrap* Bishop Terry Kelshaw Dies*Bishop Bruno Ripped from Right and Left*US Citizens called to Save Marriage

My question is what HAS to happen for the majority of the sleepy snoozing Christians in America to wake up and not only care about Christian persecution worldwide, but also the coming soon real brutal persecution of Christians here in America? Will your pastor have to be beheaded before you at a Sunday morning church service? Will your ladies potluck and bible study have to be invaded and women held captive and raped brutally before being massacred before you speak out?

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July 04 2015 By dvirtue GC2015 Delegates Change Marriage Canons*Communion Partners issue Minority Report*ABC and Global South Primates condemn Actions of TEC* Will there be a Second Wave leaving TEC?*Bishop Bruno in New Legal Battle over St. James, Newport Beach

Following the predictable passage of two resolutions by the House of Bishops and House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church authorizing gay marriage liturgies and making the church's marriage canons gender neutral, the real question now is this: Will there be a second wave of departures from The Episcopal Church?

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June 26 2015 By dvirtue 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church Launched*TEC in sync with SCOTUS over Gay Marriage*Uganda Primate Rips TEC Gay Advocacy Interference in Africa*Candidates for PB Affirm Resurrection*CofE Evangelicals call for Bishop of Buckingham to Resign

According to TEC's most recent statistics, the Church's Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) has dropped significantly. In 2003, the year that Gene Robinson was consecrated as the world's first openly gay, partnered bishop, the Episcopal Church's ASA stood at 858,598 persons. 10 years later, in 2013, this figure had dropped to 657,102 persons, a decline of nearly 200,000 church goers. --- Rev. Michael Heidt

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June 19 2015 By dvirtue TECinSC Makes "Spurious" Property Offer to Bishop Lawrence*Washington Bishop Denies Trinity at Washington National Cathedral Confirmations*Marriage Resolutions Passage at GC2015 Could Derail Future of Anglican Communion*Episcopal Parishes Close Across US

God at work. There is an urgent need for all of us to grasp the biblical revelation of the living God who works primarily in nature not in supernature, in history not in miracle. He is the most high God who rules the kingdom of men (Dn. 4:32), with whom 'the nations are like a drop from a bucket' and who 'takes up the isles like fine dust' (Is. 40:15), who 'executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another' (Ps. 75:7). It is he also who causes his sun to rise and sends the rain (Mt.

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June 12 2015 By dvirtue Griswold Confirms at Evangelical Parish with Kenya Bishop*Kenyan Archbishop Condemns action* Scottish Episcopal Church to Vote for SSM* Church of Ireland Could Split over SSM*Ft. Worth Parish Court Ruling Favors Bp. Iker

" we have the idea gaining acceptance that biological sex and one's personal gender identity can be at variance with each other, with more and more gender identities being invented." --- San Francisco Cardinal Salvatore Cordileone

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