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September 05 2017 By dvirtue GAFCON Chairman Says He will not Attend Welby's Gabfest in October with Primates

Archbishop Okoh ripped Welby saying that the only difference between the present and 2008, when GAFCON was formed, is that we have a different Archbishop of Canterbury. Everything else is the same or worse.

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September 05 2017 By dvirtue Nashville Statement Reveals Deeply Polarized Christian Community

As Western culture has become increasingly post-Christian, it has embarked upon a massive revision of what it means to be a human being...Will the church of the Lord Jesus Christ ...hold fast to the word of life, draw courage from Jesus, and unashamedly proclaim his way as the way of life? Will she maintain her clear, counter-cultural witness to a world that seems bent on ruin?

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September 03 2017 By dvirtue CAIRO: Anglican Archbishop Blasts Christianity Today Article on his Church's Status

The evangelical bishop, a leading conservative among Global South Anglican Primates, said in his letter that the status of the Anglican Church in Egypt has been one of independence since 1839 and his church had no wish to be under the authority of another organization.

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August 21 2017 By dvirtue How the Alt-Left Destroyed the Episcopal Church

It's as if Episcopal Church leaders had stood in front of statues of Cranmer, Hooker, Ryle and many other orthodox bishops, tied ropes around their necks and hauled them down, stamped and spat on them and then kicked them to the curb of history.

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August 17 2017 By dvirtue St. James Newport Beach: The Pious Language of Greed

Mission is never fully defined, (it certainly has nothing to do with evangelism, discipleship or church growth); at its heart it means a lot of vacuous talk about saving the world for God, endless talk of racism, unnumbered social justice issues from UN resolutions to transgenderism and sodomy, while grabbing, or holding on to properties they believe are theirs for future generations -- generations that are currently dwindling, and in time will cease to exist, never to see the inside of an Ep

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August 14 2017 By dvirtue ACNA Archbishop Blasts Liberal Lutherans and Anglicans for throwing away Biblical morality

"Because we refuse to tell people God's truth, refuse to reveal to people God's holy expectations, in the name of love, we are deceiving people into thinking that 'living in sin' is ok with the Almighty. It is not.

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August 11 2017 By dvirtue 'Welcome to our church': It's a lot harder than you think

VOL: Have baby-sitting available and children's Sunday School. Not a difficult solution.

CT: What happens when a non-standard couple -- living together without being married, for instance -- arrives?

VOL: Invite them in but say Communion is not open to them. It would damage their souls if they participated. It is for their good, not ours.

CT: What happens if they're gay?

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August 08 2017 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury caught between a rock and a hard place

On the other hand, his increasingly pro-homosexual stance in the name of "radical new inclusion" is finding himself more closely aligned to western pansexual provinces.

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August 04 2017 By dvirtue Traditionalist bishop exposes soft under belly of Evangelism in Church of England

And then he said this:
" the poorest parts of the country, we are withdrawing the preachers. The harvest is rich, but the labourers have been re-deployed to wealthier areas. We are seeing the slow and steady withdrawal of church life from those communities where the poorest people in our nation live.

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July 31 2017 By dvirtue "I have been ashamed of Episcopal leadership denying the Christian faith..."

From this position, he went on to become the twelfth Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina. He began his episcopacy as co-adjutor of the diocese, then became its diocesan in 1982. He retired in 1990, but remained very active in preaching, speaking, and writing. He remains a tour de force of low church orthodox Anglicanism with no equals.

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