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May 12 2016 By dvirtue Deck is stacked against Orthodox Primates in Anglican Communion "Conversation" Task Force

Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Josiah Idowu-Fearon, confirmed during the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, that the group had been established. On May 10, the Anglican Communion Office confirmed the membership of the group.

It includes seven primates, a bishop suffragan, a provincial secretary and the former vice chair of the Anglican Consultative Council.

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May 11 2016 By dvirtue Canadian Anglican Bishops and Clergy Clash over Changing the Marriage Canon

The second group includes The Rt. Rev. Adam Halkett, (Saskatchewan), The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, (Bishop for Indigenous Peoples for the ACoC), The Rt. Rev. Lydia Mamakwa, (Diocese of Rupert's Land) and The Rt. Rev. Tom Corston, (Bishop of Moosonee, Ret.). They titled their paper a "Statement of the Anglican Indigenous Bishops to the Commission on the Marriage Canon."

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May 11 2016 By rturner David Virtue interviewed on TRUNews

As Rick honed his skills as a “citizen reporter,” the radio program quickly became known for its coverage of important news not heard on mainstream news channels – and for Rick’s in-depth interviews of important newsmakers. The program was briefly titled American Freedom News. In time, it became obvious that Rick Wiles was the best source available for true news. The program’s name was changed to TRUNEWS is 2004. The rest is history.

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May 04 2016 By dvirtue TEC Bishops and Transgendered Toilets

What the wiser political heads have said is that biological sex -- the physical condition of being male or female, should determine which bathroom you head into on I-95 if you have to make a pit stop to excrete nitrogenous waste, and that what is stated on your birth certificate should determine what bathroom you go to if the tourist bus you're on parks for a few moments at a rest stop.

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May 01 2016 By dvirtue WAYNE, PA: Former Sydney Archbishop and GAFCON General Secretary says Canterbury Meeting a complete Failure

JENSEN: I understand that Justin Welby draws attention to the limitations of the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury. He says he is not the pope. However, there are two great powers which he has. The first is to teach the Word of God clearly, unambiguously, and that power requires him to call sin, sin.

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April 26 2016 By dvirtue LONDON: Did the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral Deliberately Mislead C of E Evangelicals?

Matthew Holehouse reported in the Telegraph on March 9, 2012 that the Very Rev Dr. David Ison, 57, had performed ceremonies for homosexual couples who had had civil partnerships as Dean of Bradford, even though the Church still forbids formal blessings. This begs the question, why had his actions not been made public at that point?

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April 24 2016 By dvirtue Episcopal and Anglican Progressives say GAFCON Communique is Toothless

"Every time they draw a line in the sand, we walk right over it. Welby might be an evangelical, but he is on our side. If he shows any signs of weakening, we simply yell homophobia and he grovels before us. He is actually more on our side than Rowan Williams was. He said he would affirm his son if he said he was gay and attend his marriage. Rowan never said that."

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April 20 2016 By dvirtue LUSAKA: Chairman Tengatenga's Last Tango at ACC-16

Tengatenga has been an outspoken advocate and supporter of The Episcopal Church, and he recently condemned any attempts to say that TEC should step back from leadership roles in the communion for three years because it publicly ordained a homosexual to the episcopacy and for its support of gay marriage.

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April 19 2016 By dvirtue LUSAKA: SURPRISE! Anglican Consultative Council declines to go along with 'consequences'

The primates had said that they were "requiring" that for those three years, the Episcopal Church not serve on ecumenical and interfaith bodies, not be appointed or elected to an internal standing committee, and "that while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they will not take part in decision-making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity."

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April 17 2016 By dvirtue Understanding Justin Welby

A lot of people can identify with Welby's situation. Unnumbered children grow up in alcoholic and abusive homes, with many being scarred for life, while others rise to triumph over their awful upbringings to do great things. Some are strengthened by adversity and others destroyed.

Clearly there are scars left and behaviors learned that determine how one might function in society at a later date.

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