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July 30 2016 By dvirtue Archbishop Justin Welby calls for another Primates' meeting

GAFCON General Secretary, Peter Jensen, later told VOL that what happened in Canterbury was “a complete failure but worth doing. We had 700 of our people praying, and we thought that the result was not bad. We got the mildest rebuke to the worst offenders by the biggest number. It is what God wanted. There is no excuse for the subsequent behavior of The Episcopal Church.”

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July 26 2016 By dvirtue Anglicans and Catholics on opposite sides on Islamic influence in West

Amid heightened tensions over ISIS-fueled terror attacks and anti-Muslim rhetoric, the prominent U.S. cardinal says Islam "wants to govern the world" and Americans must decide if they are going to reassert "the Christian origin of our own nation" in order to avoid that fate.

Burke, a Rome-based cardinal, says Islam is "fundamentally a form of government."

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July 23 2016 By dvirtue Bishop of Sodor and Man resigns after 'tumultuous decade' on the Isle of Man

Bishop Paterson's resignation comes exactly three weeks after the Rev. Dr. Jules Gomes, formerly Canon Theologian of the diocese, gave an interview to Manx TV, in which Dr Gomes alleged that the bishop continued to bully and harass him, even after he had left the diocese and the Church of England.

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July 21 2016 By dvirtue IRELAND: GAFCON leadership expresses concern over Church of Ireland sexuality dialogue

The issue at stake is that of same-sex relationships. Dr Jensen's remarks followed comments made by Nigerian Primate, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, in his June Pastoral Letter as Chair of the GAFCON Primates' Council, in which he stated: "In the beginning, the focus of our concern was North America and we thank God that he has raised up the Anglican Church in North America as a new wineskin in that continent. Now our concern is increasingly with the British Isles."

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July 19 2016 By dvirtue SAN JOAQUIN, CA: "The Most High does not live in temples made by human hands." Acts 7:48

But the Episcopal diocese has not won the hearts of a single Anglican Christian. The Episcopal diocese draws a total average weekly Sunday attendance (ASA) of 925. The one Anglican Hispanic congregation built under the episcopacy of the evangelical catholic bishop Eric Menees, has close to 1,000 members.

That one congregation is bigger than the entire Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin!

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July 17 2016 By dvirtue CANADA: The Fate of those Orthodox Dioceses and Bishops who continue to stay in the ACoC

Secondly, it is very clear from a number of scriptural passages, that unity is not more important than truth.

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July 15 2016 By dvirtue CANADA: Behind the scenes bullying at Synod over Same Sex Marriage Resolution

Here is what VOL learned. When the Synod members broke up into small discussion groups, some members complained about being "intimidated" and "harassed." Archbishop Fred Hiltz spoke against harassment tactics, but the victims weren't identified. It wasn't until later that the identity of the "harassed" was made public.

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July 14 2016 By dvirtue CANADA: Iranian Anglican Priest Says Same-Sex Marriage Vote is a Fraud

"The Anglican church was the only church in my town. It might have been God's providence or sheer coincidence but my Christian roots are in the Anglican Communion. My father was and is an agnostic intellectual and my mother was a nominal Muslim who observed her faith only during high and holy days.

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July 12 2016 By dvirtue CANADA: ACoC Synod Votes to Uphold Marriage Canon - UPDATED

The motion to change the marriage canon to allow the marriage of same-sex couples had to have a 2/3 majority for laity, clergy and bishops. It was very close with the bishops obtaining the necessary majority. It was the clergy that prevented the motion passing.

The numbers were:

Bishops Yes: 68.2%
Clergy Yes: 66.23%
Laity Yes: 72.2%

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July 12 2016 By dvirtue GAFCON Chairman Blasts Liberal Anglicans who Spread False Teaching

In his July pastoral letter to GAFCON members, who make up more than 70 percent of the Anglican Communion, the Nigerian primate, whose province claims more than 20 million active Anglicans, said that what is tragic is not just the divisions within the Anglican Communion, but that souls are at stake. Lives are at stake. Eternity is at stake.

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