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Two Nigerian Anglicans Throw down Gauntlet over Human Sexuality

Two Nigerian Anglicans Throw down Gauntlet over Human Sexuality
Has the ACC Secretary General drunk the kool aid


By David W. Virtue, DD
December 20, 2016

No one could have seen it coming but for the brilliant management skills of Archbishop Justin Welby.

Why not pit Nigerian against Nigerian in the hopes of persuading the "other side" that perhaps they are taking a much too hard a line against pansexuality and that a little compromise, but not too much of course, after all we don't really want you to compromise your principles, but perhaps with enough indaba and conversation -- words of blessed memory - you might be persuaded that God loves absolutely everybody and we should all now embrace our homogenitally stricken friends.

It's a grand vision that only a man with the management skills of a Rex Tillerson could pull off. In one case a man is going from being a high-flying businessman to becoming a diplomat, and the other from being a high-flying businessman to becoming an ecclesiastical diplomat. The difference is a single word. But what a difference a word makes.

Both control the lives of millions, one with connections to a man who has his finger on the nuclear button, and the other has the ability, albeit in a limited sense, to control the direction if not necessarily the destinies and souls of millions of men and women. Both are in the persuasion business.

Come let us reason together, though your (sexual) sins are slightly off white we can bleach them white as snow. In the case of sodomy we can now fully embrace it (in the name of 'facilitated conversation') and no longer call it sin.

In the matter of Nigerian Archbishop Josiah Idouw-Fearon becoming the ACC general secretary it was a strategically brilliant move allowing the ABC to plead plausible deniability if the Nigerian decided to ride the white horse of orthodoxy against his pansexual Western brethren.

His predecessors in the Anglican Communion Office loathed and despised Global South Primates and did their best (for their American paymasters) to divert, control and manipulate the Africans from achieving their objective of a united voice on human sexuality. Kenneth Kearon was only slightly better than the despicable John L. Peterson who hated the Global South with every fiber of his being. That he worshipped and adored Frank Griswold should come as no surprise.

Arrayed against the Anglican Consultative Council and its liberal apparatchiks that once included Geoffrey Cameron now Bishop of Asaph in Wales is the fiery evangelical Archbishop of Nigeria, The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh. For his sins, Kearon was tossed the bone of a bishopric in the church of Ireland, (Limerick and Killaloe), proof that the job has excellent ladder climbing prospects even if the provinces in question are dying, and their own faith has the depth of a rectal thermometer.

I know Archbishop Okoh personally, having spent a considerable amount of time with him in Cairo recently. He is the ecclesiastical version of an NRA leader with a permanently loaded 9-millimeter theological Glock in his pocket, and he is quite prepared to use it on his theologically and morally erring fellow primates. He will make no compromises, take no prisoners, and as living proof of what I am writing you can read what he had to say about Rowan Williams ere he departed from Lambeth Palace to Cambridge University. http://tinyurl.com/hkjl7b8. He ripped Dr. Williams saying "his sudden resignation announcement will leave behind a Communion in tatters: highly polarized, bitterly factionalized, with issues of revisionist interpretation of the Holy Scriptures and human sexuality as stumbling blocks to oneness!"

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he and Idouw-Fearon are not on the same page, despite the fact they are both Nigerians. Country of origin is no guarantee of spiritual safety. There are no "safe spaces" in Nigeria. Everything is on the table. As proof, Idouw-Fearon was once Archbishop of Kaduna but got the boot down to Bishop of Kaduna, and my gut tells me that he would not be welcome back in Nigeria when his time expires in the ACC office in London. He could only return as the Prodigal Son and I don't see that happening, despite the fact that Idouw-Fearon is one of the most brilliant students of Islam in the world. If you compromise the faith, you are history. Too much is at stake.

So, when Fearon went on the air in Ireland recently he let fly his true feelings about the Global South, Africans in general and GAFCON. What he had to say, he might just as well have lowered himself into a columbarium and had his friends toss his ashes in the nearest river.

He accused his fellow Africans of being the "cause of disagreement even hatred" between fellow Anglicans and conceded that there was no hope or possibility of agreement on human sexuality. On the second point he is dead right; on the first point he is dead wrong. This is not about hatred. Never has been, never will be. It's about Idouw-Fearon's desire that God would approve of anal sex. But you cannot reverse the law of non-contradiction. Either God approves of anal sex or He does not, and please don't wrap this up in the sanctimonious language of 'life-long committed, same-sex' blah blah blah. That's a mythically small group of men and women.

He went on to say that the hatred came from the Southern hemisphere; in particular the former Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen and his leadership role in GAFCON, with Fearon admitting that he and Jensen were once good friends, and when asked about what he thought about GAFCON, opined that it was "not a movement of the Holy Spirit because it is divisive." Really. I personally know Archbishop Jensen and have interviewed him and to say this is absolute nonsense. He is a man of God with few parallels. If the friendship has gone south Idouw-Fearon has no one to blame but himself. This is a movement of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, GAFCON is not a "breakaway movement" because that implies it has broken from something already in existence. That is not true. GAFCON came into existence as a counter movement to growing Western apostasies. All the bishops and archbishops are still validly in the Anglican Communion with the possible exception of Archbishop Foley Beach, but even he is legitimized by the GAFCON primates, much to the annoyance of Welby.

So, in one fell swoop he repudiates the Jerusalem Declaration, (not to mention the Windsor Report), he repudiates all those African, Asian and Latin archbishops who signed on to GAFCON and he has the audacity to say that they have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. Think about that. Here are a group of men and women who are upholding the faith 'once for all delivered' against its western cultured despisers, are being persecuted and killed for their faith by radical Islamists who mock them for going along with Western homosexual attitudes and they watch as their daughters are captured and sold off to Muslim madmen for their pleasure. The $1.2 million dollars the ACO receives from TEC is enough to throw away the faith on sexuality apparently! Thirty pieces of silver looks tiny by comparison.

Fearon said that not all African Christians were against same-sex. "We need to hear from those who subscribe to same-sex and those who don't. Not everybody is against same-sex." Really! Who, Ah yes, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, a province that was bought, paid for and sustained by TEC lo these many years. This is the only African province that has publicly said it would look at same-sex marriage.

Fearon said he had come across "hatred, vilification and character assassination". If this is true, what does he have to say about what American Episcopalians have been saying about African Anglicans all these years. One has only to read what bishops like Spong, Bruno, Griswold, Chane et al have said about their African brethren. Their hatred bubbled up after the racist comments of Spong at Lambeth 1998.

The former Archbishop of Kaduna in Nigeria said he was wholly committed to Resolution 1.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference, which sets a traditional line on sexuality. He described it as a "benchmark" of Anglican teaching. He said the next Lambeth Conference will take place in 2020.

If it's a "benchmark", then he cannot say the Jerusalem Declaration is null and void. Each affirms the other. It's a contradiction in terms to say one is valid and the other is not. Again the Law of Non-contradiction forbids it. As far as a Lambeth conference taking place in 2020, yes there might be one but don't look for the GAFCON archbishops and bishops to attend. They will be absent as they were in 2008.

And then there was this line, in which he called the leadership of Anglican churches in Africa "ineffective." He said he was speaking from experience, and described them as "despotic." Really!

INEFFECTIVE! The Province of Nigeria is close to 25 million strong. The country will surpass China in overall population in the coming decades and you can be sure that the Nigerian Church will be right in there evangelizing their people. You can put the CofE, Australia, NZ, Canada, TEC, Wales, Scotland, Europe together and you would not come up with half of the ASA of Nigeria! So GAFCON is ineffective and the bishops "despotic"! Idouw-Fearon should have lived in the US and Canada for five years before making that statement. I have been listening to "despotic" Episcopal and Canadian bishops railing against orthodoxy on sexuality and much more for than 25 years, to the point that you can count on one hand the remaining orthodox dioceses left in TEC! AND THEY ARE UNDER SIEGE!

"I am conservative - I've always been conservative", he opined, and then he said he wanted to address the issue from the perspective of Jesus Himself; "What is the Lord doing in his Church?" The answer is a no brainer: you cannot imbibe pansexuality and say you are conservative, it is a contradiction in terms. What is the Lord doing in his Church? Well He had enough apparently of the West's drift away from the authority of scripture on sex among other things and He has put his hand of blessing on GAFCON, the ACNA and the ACIC -- together they represent more than 75% of the whole Anglican Communion -- that's what the Lord is doing in his Church. And He is beginning a 'good work' in England with the formation of the AMiE and GAFCON -- UK!

If you want an example of despotic behavior, TEC has spent some $60 million on lawsuits for properties, and former PB Jefferts Schori said she would never allow a fleeing parish to be bought by an African province or diocese. She would sooner sell them off for saloons. That's despotic.

Fearon repeatedly described himself as a "messenger" and "ambassador." Really. Truth is he is nothing more than a messenger boy for Welby and the West's liberals and revisionists and an ambassador to nobody and nothing.


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