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September 08 2016 By dvirtue A "Psychological Autopsy" of a Malignant Narcissist in Church Leadership: A "Composite" Scenario with Discussion - Part 3

First, normal people in a group that has legitimate concerns will find that a charismatic, confident leader can articulate their concerns and possesses the ability to make the world more as they would like it to be. The "normals" are the first to go. Possessing an adult sense of appropriateness they disillusion quickly as they see their values subverted by the leader's self-serving behavior. If they are important enough, they will be vilified for leaving.

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August 30 2016 By dvirtue A "Psychological Autopsy" of a Malignant Narcissist in Church Leadership: A "Composite" Scenario with Discussion

By tradition Faith Cathedral was led by a Bishop. Thus, when Augustini came into leadership there, the Archbishop of London flew to the US specifically to ordain Monsignor Augustini a Bishop. To the chagrin of senior priests, Father Frederick Ladysmith-Jones played a prominent role in the ceremonies. During the celebratory dinner, he sat on the left of the Archbishop of London and drew more time and attention from the Archbishop than Augustini who sat on his right.

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August 27 2016 By dvirtue RHYMING THE REFORMATION

Dogma, so-called, is derided as dull and dry, and the indifference to history means that mistaken notions and attitudes are recycled through lack of critical discernment. Congregations are stunned by sensationalism, deceit, and error among the elite thinkers of Christian institutions and the prevalence of heresy (the striving for originality and the exaltation of private opinions and preferences over the consensus of sound godly conviction).

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August 24 2016 By dvirtue Is the Hebrew Bible elastic enough to make God transgender?

It's worth noting that the Reform movement of Judaism was developed as an attempt to bend Jewish practice and belief towards congruence with contemporary western life. In a culture that proudly proclaims Bruce Jenner Woman of the Year, perhaps it was only a matter of time before one of its leaders attempted to normalize the erasure of a boundary that has been fundamental to historic Judaism.

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August 22 2016 By dvirtue "Psychological Autopsy" of a Malignant Narcissist in Church Leadership: A "Composite" Scenario with Discussion

The recent preponderance of church scandals, crimes, cover-ups, and malfeasances necessitate a revisiting of the concept of malignant narcissism. While not listed in the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association, 2013), the construct offers utility in understanding the charismatic leader whose attractiveness is predicated on his apparent embodiment of the answer to the deep concerns of a beleaguered group.

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August 17 2016 By dvirtue Roman Catholics seek unity with Protestants 499 years after the Reformation

He also said, "Connected with this is Martin Luther's fundamental insight that God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ for the salvation of the people is proclaimed in the Gospel -- that Jesus Christ is the center of Scripture and the only mediator."

The role of Scripture and the perception that Catholics thought there were others who mediated between humans and God (than Jesus) were two of the major dividing lines between Protestants and Catholics for centuries.

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August 12 2016 By dvirtue CANADA: How they voted on the Marriage Canon at the Anglican Church of Canada Synod

The error was discovered after delegates requested a detailed hard copy of the electronic voting records.

Hiltz then declared the resolution in favor of same-sex marriage had passed.

"That is our reality," Hiltz told stunned delegates. "That the motion is in fact carried in all three orders."

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August 11 2016 By dvirtue Can We Learn From History

Since the Bible was not trustworthy on the issue of marriage, the bishop began to openly question other things like the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of all, the reality of God's judgment for unrepented sin, and more. As his views and teaching became known it caused great controversy within the Churches of the Anglican Communion.

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August 06 2016 By dvirtue An Indian looks at Bishop George Bell

The Bishop of Chichester showed sympathy to the struggles and aspirations of the people of India. His words and actions often matched with one another. His actions originated from his deep convictions and he always remained true to his convictions. Bell had made several soul-friends cutting across, race, nationality and religion and Gandhi, a Hindu, was one among them. Bell's another ecumenical friend D.

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August 02 2016 By dvirtue Lex Orandi, lex Credendi and the proposal for the affirmation of same-sex relationships by the Church of England

What the phrase sola scriptura does mean that Scripture is the supreme authority in all matters of doctrine and practice. There are other authorities, such as Christian tradition and the exercise of sanctified reason, that the individual Christian and the Church collectively may rightly draw on to shape what they think and what they do, but all such other authorities are subordinate to, and subject to correction by, the written word of God.

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