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February 09 2009 By virtueonline SYDNEY: Historic live TV hook up launches Sydney Anglican campaign

In the Blue Mountains alone about 700 people gathered at Wycliffe Christian School's auditorium in the village of Warrimoo.

Some churches reported record numbers of attendees at their church for the event.

It was estimated that up to 50,000 people saw the broadcast, which is kickstarting Sydney Anglican efforts to befriend and then deliver a copy of the Gospel of Luke to every household in their region.


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January 21 2009 By virtueonline KANSAS CITY, Missouri: Ethics crisis in America? Church leaders say yes

And they are rushing to bring flocks back into the fold. "Honesty is honesty. It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever.

A lot of these debacles we're seeing can be traced and sourced back to a lack of good old ethics," said the Rev. Jerry Johnston, who this month launched a 12-part series of sermons on ethics at First Family Church in Overland Park, Kansas, which has about 5,000 members.

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January 18 2009 By virtueonline A Pastor's Revolutionary Vision

This meant that translation and education should go hand in hand. For over 30 years, Francke strove to provide basic literacy and access to Scripture in the "mother tongue" for as much of the world as possible, and his pioneering efforts became the model for all Protestant missionary translation and education projects after him.

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January 10 2009 By virtueonline Faith in a very Christian journey

"I don't know how candid I should be," he said last week, "but Sydney Anglicanism goes through its ebbs and flows. It's a lot more precise and defined right now than it was in '80s."

Asked if this was a polite way of saying Sydney Anglicanism had become too rigid, he paused, laughed and added: "Yes, it probably is."

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December 22 2008 By virtueonline Finding Jesus in London

That peculiarly British reticence may be one reason that an unexpected spiritual awakening among London's high society has gone unnoticed in recent years. Long considered an aggressively secular city, London has quietly become one of Britain's most Christian areas, going from the least observant region in Britain in 1979 to the second most observant today.

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December 21 2008 By virtueonline UK: Scientists Ask Can Reason And Religious Faith Be Reconciled

To add to all this misery, Enoch Powell had made his inflammatory 'rivers of blood' speech in Birmingham, igniting a race relations crisis. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Richard Nixon, already presciently regarded by many as a crook, was elected president.

Artist Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Julius II between 1508 and 1512 to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Here, God gives life to Adam

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December 07 2008 By virtueonline Christian worldview - an interview with Ravi Zacharias

A: I am totally convinced the Christian faith is the most coherent worldview around. Everyone: pantheist, atheist, skeptic, polytheist has to answer these questions: Where did I come from? What is life's meaning? How do I define right from wrong and what happens to me when I die? Those are the fulcrum points of our existence. I deal with cultural issues whether they be in the Middle East, Far East, the Orient or the West.

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November 20 2008 By virtueonline JESUS AND MUSLIMS: LESSONS FROM JOHN 4 - "Stuart Caldwell"

At the same I am aware of a growing atmosphere among American Christians that I would describe as fearful apprehension. I see responses among my fellow believers that call for political responses such as lobbying for the closures of mosques, or the censure of all immigration on the part of people from Islamic areas.

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The next meeting of the Association for Church Renewal is scheduled for March 9 & 10, 2009 at the Holiday Inn, Key Bridge, Arlington, Va. (Washington D.C.) from 9:00 A.M. Monday until Noon on Tuesday.

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September 26 2008 By virtueonline Greatest Christian Revival in Church History Happening in China - David W.Virtue

Yun said he became a believer in Jesus Christ when his father was supernaturally healed of cancer.

"I received a call to serve the Lord and to preach the gospel during the Cultural Revolution in China. As a result, I was arrested and ended up in prison several times.

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