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The Plight of Homosexuals, and the Way Out

The Plight of Homosexuals, and the Way Out
The gay lifestyle is a source of suffering, not authentic happiness

By Bradley Eli
March 16, 2017

New studies are showing that people living a gay lifestyle along with any children they adopt are suffering. So why tell them there's no hope of ever changing?
Studies reveal that active homosexuals are 2--10 times more likely to commit suicide than straight people. Other studies found openly gay men are more likely to suffer from depression than heterosexual men. Still more studies show up to three quarters of men involved in the gay lifestyles are plagued by anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

During a survey of HIV clinics, one care provider told researchers, "It's not a question of them not knowing how to save their lives. It's a question of them knowing if their lives are worth saving."

Five states as well as Washington, D.C. have banned gay reparative therapy. States that outlaw conversion counseling for gays or transgender minors include Oregon, California, Vermont, New Jersey and Illinois.
Many of those involved in homosexaul lifestyles are not happy and want help. A survey showed active homosexuals had fewer close friends than straight people. Bringing foster children into the mix didn't help, either, but only made matters worse.
A study by Dr. Paul Sullins of Catholic University of America found that children reared by same-sex parents suffered from the following problems:
18% were depressed
51% of these same people became depressed by age 28
44% were suicidal (three times higher than those raised by straight parents)
93% felt distant from parents growing up
73% of these same people felt distant from their parents as adults

Research by the New Family Structure Study, which surveyed 3,000 adults raised by same-sex couples, revealed these people suffered from the following:

Poor educational attainment
Low levels of happiness, mental and physical health
Impulsive behavior
Suicidal thoughts
Substance abuse
Criminal activity
Unmarried or infidelity if married

The list goes on and on. These people are told by so-called professionals they can never change because they supposedly are "born that way." One person who said they could change was Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a pioneer in gay reparative therapy, whose counseling resulted in many success stories.

FOOTNOTE TO THIS STORY from Linda Nicolosi, Joe's wife. "NO states have banned conversion therapy. Five states have banned it for MINORS, but many more states have rejected those bills when the Democrats (always the champions of ant-therapy bills) introduce them. Republicans have been in our camp... this is a liberal vs. conservative battle.
If conversion therapy had been illegal in CA for adults, Joe couldn't have been doing it..."

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