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Islamic Persecution
February 22 2012 By virtueonline Religious Groups Demand Saudis Release Christian Prisoners

Both the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) and International Christian Concern (ICC) are charging that Saudi Arabian government officials have severely mistreated the prisoners because of their Christian faith.

Saudi officials assaulted the men and performed humiliating body cavity searches on the female prisoners. One high-ranking official told the Ethiopians, "You are nonbelievers and animals. You are pro-Jews and supporters of America."

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February 18 2012 By virtueonline Christians in Syria fear civil war and regime change

More than 7000 people - includ­ing an estimated 2000 members of the security forces - have been killed since the unrest began nearly a year ago. Despite the fevered diplomatic activity at the Arab League and the United Nations, there is no indication of how the crisis will be resolved.

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February 17 2012 By virtueonline Islamist violence drives nearly 95 per cent of Christians from Nigerian state

Some are going to safer parts of the country while others are crossing the border into Cameroon.

"Systematic elimination"

The Church of England's General Synod last week called on the Government to "do all it can" to support the protection of religious minorities in Nigeria.

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February 07 2012 By virtueonline The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

The media's reticence on the subject no doubt has several sources. One may be fear of provoking additional violence. Another is most likely the influence of lobbying groups such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation-a kind of United Nations of Islam centered in Saudi Arabia-and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

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February 05 2012 By virtueonline WASHINGTON D.C: US free speech faces Islamic blasphemy law pressure

In the U.S., Marshall observed, courts generally uphold the First Amendment's free speech protections. But he said that America is still threatened by blasphemy laws, and cited efforts by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to promote international laws that ban insults to Islam, through the United Nations.

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February 01 2012 By virtueonline Running to the Free World - Faith McDonnell

In a similar fashion to the young artists, writers, and activists who transformed the underground church in the Soviet Union, many new Chinese converts to Christianity are young urban intellectuals - authors, lawyers, journalists, and members of the pro-democracy movement.

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February 01 2012 By virtueonline Muslim-Christian Violence in Nigeria - Archbishop Ben Kwashi

With most Nigerians, from every state of the country, we didn't know what we now know. We worked, lived, grew up together as Nigerians ... same people and we looked forward to building Nigeria. That was how we grew up. And Jos, in particular, was a home for everybody. Jos is situated on the north center part of Nigeria, a little over four thousand feet [4,062] above sea level, so it gets a wonderful climate all year around.

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January 31 2012 By virtueonline NIGERIA: Islamic Leaders Have a Duty to Stop Boko Haram - -Onaiyekan

He said: "What I am trying to say is that we have more a battle of the mind to contend with than the battle of guns and tanks. And I think this is where the government has to seriously do all it can to reach the heart and mind of the people doing all these things.

"Just as the mind can be poisoned, we can also de-toxiate the mind, by reaching out to them and telling them they are making a big mistake and that what they are doing is not even in their own interest.

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January 27 2012 By virtueonline Acid attack on pastor highlights growing religious intolerance in Uganda

The attack took place in the church car park shortly after the conclusion of a seven-day evangelistic campaign. Pastor Umar, who had previously received death threats, said:

It was such a horrific terrorist attack on me by persons who in the name of religion poured acid on me seeking my death because of my religious affiliation and views.

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January 27 2012 By virtueonline Sudan and South Sudan still plagued by violence, starvation

Food security in these two regions deteriorates every day, and experts predict "very high acute malnutrition, excess mortality, and extreme loss of livelihood assets" by March - a humanitarian crisis that would be comparable only to levels of emergency need in Somalia and Ethiopia.

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