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God's Sufficient Scripture: A Resource Monograph for The Missionary Diocese of CANA East

God's Sufficient Scripture: A Resource Monograph for The Missionary Diocese of CANA East

By Henry P. Jansma
Canon Theologian
Missionary Diocese of CANA East
Epiphany 2017

In recent years the sufficiency of the Scriptures has been repeatedly challenged. Not simply by those within global Anglicanism, but also by those who identify themselves in the broad evangelical Anglican tradition. This should not surprise us. Pilate's question to Jesus, "What is truth?" (John 18.38), is still as urgent today as it was back then. Earlier in the High Priestly Prayer Jesus had affirmed, "Your word is truth" (John 17.17). In each generation the scandal of God's sufficient Word overturns the prideful assertions of human truth. And history attests that the health of each generation of the church corresponds to its reverence for God's Word. As the view of Scripture goes, so goes the church; as the commitment to God's living Word thrives, God's people thrive. An unswerving reliance upon Scripture produces an active, faithful, vital, and expanding church. When the functional authority of Scripture becomes ever more irrelevant to God's people, the church inescapably abandons its vital mission and becomes an extraneous, spiritually spent force.

Committed to Scripture's sufficiency, the authors of this monograph have sought to be faithful to the Word of God and thereby faithful to the God of the Word. At places polemical and at places constructive, for the building up of Christ's church in the Missionary Diocese of CANA East, these essays seek to uphold Scripture faithfully by advancing its authoritative truth.

You can read the full monograph here:

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