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Getting with the Times or Getting with the Bible

Getting with the Times or Getting with the Bible
British MP compares conservative Anglicans to ISIS


By David W. Virtue, DD
February 27, 2017

A British MP has equated conservative Anglicans to the Muslim terror group ISIS.

Tory politician, Michael Fabricant, thinks the Anglican church should get with the times and says the longer the Anglican Communion shies away from modern liberal values, the greater the chance that its British, American and Commonwealth Churches will become mere shells of their former selves.

He then goes on to repeat the tiresome liberal myth that getting up to date will halt the decline of Christianity. Really.

"Embracing liberal Christianity may actually halt the fall in the Church of England's congregation numbers as well," he wrote.

"Religiosity may be declining in the UK but it does not have to be this way. Perhaps if the Church's teachings were more in-step with the population at large that would in turn lead to more churchgoers."

Where has Mr. Fabricant been for the last 40 years. What planet does he inhabit? We on this side of the Atlantic have watched as the Episcopal Church has embraced modernity with a vigor on just about every social and sexual issue and as a result has plunged into the numerical abyss. Now it is hoping like hell (or heaven as the current Presiding Bishop hopes) that he can draw it back from the abyss with his call for a new Jesus Movement embracing evangelism and more.

"Getting with the times" is precisely what the church should not be doing as it has caused a disastrous decline in the CofE, TEC and the ACoC, not to mention other mainstream churches, resulting in their inevitable collapse within two generations. In the US, Nones rule; Protestantism is on the way out, thanks to a rise in moral relativism, the abandonment of absolutes of any kind, the failure of gospel preaching and recognizing the Bible as authoritative on all matters of faith and morality.

Saying that the Church of England and other mainstream Protestant churches need to get even more up to date (or speed) is the usual diagnosis of insanity: keep doing the same thing repeatedly hoping to expect a different result.

"This is like filling your car's gas tank with orange juice, then when the car won't start you decide that it must be because there is not enough orange juice in the tank, so you put more in and when that doesn't work you lower the windows and fill the back seat as well", a noted Catholic priest observed.

Then comes this corker from the Tory MP; "Simply opting for more of the same for the sake of unity amongst a diverse Communion -- some of whose views differ little from ISIL -- is a choice of quantity over quality."

Say what! He compares conservative (orthodox) Anglicans with Muslim terrorist groups that behead Christians, burn children alive, and sell women as sex slaves and then calls on the Church of England to embark on an Islamic purge of its ranks...and the Archbishop of Canterbury says nothing in response to this rubbish.

Justin Welby might well help his cause had he spoken up about this slam at his fellow primates in, say, Nigeria, which is seeing Boko Haram rip and tear whole Anglican dioceses apart. But we have heard nothing to date from the ABC. Why the silence?

The Church of England is desperate, attempting to remain "united" with faux reconciliation attempts around the world even though orthodox Anglicans are repeatedly calling for the C of E and TEC to return to Biblical faith and morals (I hate the word 'values') while progressives (read revisionists) are calling for further and further concessions to the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah!

"Perhaps the Church should take a tough line on its less progressive elements: get with the times or get out. Surely the most important thing is that the core teachings of Jesus, based around love and charity, are heard by all?" This is totally insane. Does he really believe that invoking Jesus' message of love and light while calling its orthodox brethren ISIS, will fix the ever-increasing slide of the CofE into the abyss!

The CofE is on a gaderene slide along with its North American brethren and only someone who is spiritually blind can't see it.

The only group even vaguely holding the C of E together are large evangelical congregations. without which the C of E would certainly disappear even faster than it is. The sad truth is the CofE, TEC and ACoC are already shells of their former selves and are fast disappearing,

The invasion of the Anglican body-snatchers is GAFCON-UK, the AMiE and invigorated groups within the the CofE like REFORM, Church Society and Forward in Faith. They are the hope and future of the CofE if it has one.


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