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GEORGIA: "Let the main thing be the main thing...the Gospel of the crucified, risen...Christ

Without missing a beat, he said: "So sorry. I'm overextended" . . . and that was that.

A clergyman or layman for that matter strives to "spend and be spent" in the service of Christ. But, sometimes you just have to say no.

Or, as Nehemiah says in this evening's Old Testament lesson:

"I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down."

The context, as you probably gathered as you heard the passage read, was that Nehemiah was building a wall -- not just any wall, mind you -- but the wall around Jerusalem.

MARTHA'S VINEYARD: Anglican Leadership Institute Reaffirms Faith in Scripture, Creeds & Great Commission

We also reaffirm our ordination vows to be diligent in prayer, to faithfully preach the Word of God, to administer the sacraments and to live holy lives.

We commit ourselves to stand firm on the teaching of the historic creeds, the Thirty-Nine Articles and especially on the clear teaching of Scripture on human sexuality.

We commit ourselves to stand alongside and in solidarity with all faithfully orthodox Anglicans throughout our Communion. We seek to maintain the faith once delivered and to chase away all error from our churches.

The Uses and Abuses of Hate

One large organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has made hundreds of millions of dollars trafficking in hate. That is, they hatefully and falsely accuse others of hatred, even those whose only crime is to advocate traditional moral values.

The SPLC once performed a valuable service identifying genuine hate groups, such as neo-Nazis, and alerting the authorities to them. Now, it boasts a kitty of more than $300 million, stashes millions in cash in overseas accounts, and smears anyone opposing its increasingly radical sexual agenda.

Reformed Episcopal Church Pastoral Letter on the Ordination of Women

Among the topics discussed was the recent statement issued by the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), regarding the ordination of women. This statement arose from the conclave held in Victoria, British Columbia, September 5-7, 2017, and represents the first attempt by the ACNA College of Bishops, since the completion of the study by the Task Force on Holy Orders, to address the differing positions on this issue among the dioceses of the ACNA.

Bishop Worships at the altar of the State

Wilson's suicidal policy is akin to three blind mice squabbling over a piece of cheese. When they cannot find a solution to the equal distribution of a miserable chunk of cheddar, they optimistically approach the cat, urging him to clamp down on their squeaking and grant them justice and equality.

Doubts Grow Over Archbishop's Account of When He Knew of Abuse

But now the grown men who were victims of the abuse as boys are coming forward to challenge the archbishop's version of events, casting doubt on his claims of ignorance.

The archbishop, 61, was working abroad in 1982, when an internal investigation by an influential Christian charity supported allegations of sadistic practices by John Smyth, a prominent lawyer and evangelical leader who ran the camps.

Hiltz expects sanctions on Canadian church if it approves same-sex marriage

Hiltz had recently returned from the 2017 meeting of primates from across the Anglican Communion held in Canterbury, England., October 2-6. On the second day of the meeting, the Scottish Episcopal Church, which voted in June to allow same-sex marriages, agreed to accept the same "consequences" that the primates had imposed on The Episcopal Church (TEC) in 2016 after its decision to allow same-sex marriages.

Loss of Faith

The next time they were visited, we noticed some changes. The first thing that caught our attention were the two large screens flanking the altar area. As Michael was offering special music on this occasion, we also noted the new professional audio set up, with all new microphones and an expensive 24 channel digital mixer set up in the balcony. We were informed, however, that they did not yet have anyone who knew how to run the soundboard but that a high school student, whom they paid for such work, would come in and run the board while Michael sang.

Welby admits he's hopeless

He certainly does have his moments. There was one last month when he returned from his holidays to demand "tax rises on the wealthy and more green technology."

As his hopelessness lingered, Welby went on: "We are failing those who will grow up into a world where the gap between the richest and poorest parts of the country is significant and destabilising."

Two Ways to Walk

Caminemos Juntos, which in Spanish means 'Let's Walk Together', is an Anglican Latino mission and church planting initiative for the whole of South, Central and North America. Its leadership team includes Bishop Tito Zavala of the Diocese of Chile with its coastline of over 2,600 miles, Bishop Miguel Uchoa of the Anglican Diocese of Recife which covers an area about the size of Western Europe in the north east of Brazil as well as leaders from the ACNA in North America Canon William Beasley and Rev. Jonathan Kindberg.

Primates' Summit a Bust says South American Primate * SC Diocese wants Conflicted Justice Removed * St. James Newport Beach Deal Cancelled * Nashotah House Culture Wars * Episcopal Academy Sexual Assault Review * Sydney Diocese Donates $1M to S-S Fight

The Reformation was not a break with the historic Church of Christ (catholic as in universal) but rather a cleansing and healing process within the ailing body of believers who were denied the clarity of the gospel and ready access to the teaching of the Bible as the ultimate authority for faith and comfort in the salvation wrought through Jesus Christ. The intent of the Reformation was benign, magnanimous, and pastoral. The character of the Reformation was Augustinian, the classic theology of grace defined by the Bishop of Hippo and endorsed by several important church councils.

Former LGBTQ Christians Share Their Journey to Freedom in Jesus and Heterosexuality in New Documentary

Men and women who once embraced gay relationships and transgender identities share how their lives and their sense of self completely changed after coming to meet Jesus.

Just some of the ex-LGBTQ Christians sharing their story in the upcoming 'Here's My Heart' documentary are Brooklyn Wojo, who identified as lesbian aged 12 and transgender at the age of 18, before meeting Christ and being born again.

Sale of Newport's St. James church called off; long-locked doors will reopen

The Right Rev John Taylor, bishop coadjutor for the diocese and the successor to Bruno, who is retiring soon, said in an interview Wednesday that the church's reopening date is to be determined but that it will be as soon as pastorally and practically possible.

"These matters are sensitive and involve the feelings and prerogatives of a lot of folks," he said.

Taylor said the diocese will encourage people to go to the church to worship and enjoy "the refreshment of being in that beautiful place."

Thousands of Christians 'Take a Knee' on National Mall to Repent for Racial Injustice

Despite a downpour in the morning, droves of Christian women trudged through the mud and the precipitation as they participated in "Rise Up," a worship assembly organized by charismatic Christian leader Lou Engle's The Call to pray for racial reconciliation, an end to gender-based injustices and an end to abortion in the U.S.


But, as recent events of violence and terror show, Nigeria is also a suffering land. On May 18 and 19, 2015, armed militants descended on four small villages an hour outside of Jos. These members of the increasingly radicalized Fulani tribesmen killed 21 people--including a local pastor--and reduced many of the buildings to rubble. When I visited the largely abandoned villages in November of 2016, the ground was still littered with piles of bricks and tin sheets, remnants of the former church.


The cause of truth will always excite conflict. Our world, our race, natural religion in all its forms, is at implacable enmity with God. The word of God is militant toward evil and arouses an angry backlash. The meddling and mischief of the archenemy of the Lord, whose malice and violence, physical, mental, and spiritual is great, unrelenting, and furious, rendered the 16th and 17th centuries a time of turmoil and tempest. The emergence of the pure truth of God cannot be blamed for the disruption and damage that ensued as a result of the fresh disclosure of divine revelation.

The caterpillar is not given the glory but the butterfly

The section on 'Thanksgiving' in the Liturgy begins from 1948, the year the first CSI Synod met as if to suggest the first meeting of the Synod marked the day of the birth of the CSI and that God began to guide CSI from that year onwards. The Liturgy has strung together the conference themes of each biennium from 1948-2017 to suggest they provided the inspiration for the church over the 70 years. Our inspiration and directives do not derive from our Synod Conference themes.

Nashotah House Culture Wars

Its board chairman is Episcopal Springfield Bishop Dan Martins, who embraces a Church standing in a theological and spiritual septic tank of its own making, in clear opposition to the catholic faith espoused by the 175-year old seminary.

The latest eruption involves giving liberal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry the Archbishop Ramsey award for excellence in the areas of Ecclesiology, Ecumenism and Liturgy, an act that brought a tsunami-like wave of outrage from San Joaquin ACNA Anglican Bishop Eric Menees right across Martin's bow.

Anglican Diocese of Sydney donates $1 million to 'no' campaign in same-sex marriage poll

'The stakes are high and the cost is high,' he told a meeting of all the churches in Sydney on Monday. 'Yet the cause is just and it is a consequence of our discipleship to uphold the gift of marriage as God has designed it -- a creation ordinance for all people.'

He added he would 'make no apology' for urging Australians to vote 'no' in the poll, which was commissioned by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to advise parliament but is not legally binding.


The entire movement of Jesus is empowered by his presence. The wind of the Spirit is activated in our lives when we live as Jesus did every day of his life while on earth -- align his life to the Father's will and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish all things.

Celebrated Church of England bishop accused of child abuse 'will have his good name restored' by an inquiry

Bishop Bell the wartime Bishop of Chichester who died in 1958, was praised for speaking out against Hitler in the 1930s -- and he was granted the Anglican equivalent of a Saint's Day, an annual commemoration.

But to the fury of devotees, his character was blackened when the Church declared two years ago that 'on the balance of probabilities' he had sexually assaulted a child in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Concord NH police, St. Paul’s School review their understanding on crime reporting

Both Saint Paul’s and Phillips Exeter made national headlines in recent years for their handling of sexual misconduct allegations against students and former teachers. The boarding schools also independently hired law firms to investigate claims brought by students against former faculty and staff spanning decades.

Thoughts on the Primates Meeting from Archbishop Gregory Venables

He recently spoke about his experience at the Primates Meeting. In the conversation, Archbishop Venables expressed his strong desire for Gafcon to improve the communication amongst the movement's members, be robust enough to attract new members, and to hold together in the face of powerful challenges to the word of God.

Below are a few more of the topics he covered:
1. He clarified that there were 3 groups identified during the meeting: those who were walking together, those walking apart, and those walking together at a distance

GAFCON Spokesman Denied Access to Primates' Final Press Conference

"At the 2016 Primates' Gathering I attended the press conference in my capacity as the GAFCON Press Officer. As I recall, at that press conference there were staffers from other provinces and organizations in the room, as well as a diverse set of journalists.

"This year I reached out to Mr. Adrian Butcher, the Anglican Communion Office Communications Director, ahead of the meeting. He came on staff with the Anglican Communion Office in the spring of 2016, and wasn't at the last meeting, but over the last year, he and I have traded a couple of cordial emails.

Why can't a Welby be more like a man?

Science fictionologists are not even sure whether to categorise this being as 'a' Welby (there could be more of the kind on Planet Zog) or 'the' Welby (a sui generis organism) because of its amorphous nature which is constantly evolving and transmogrifying into different shapes.


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