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Episcopal Divinity School Pursues Union Merger

One of ten seminaries educating students for ministry in the Episcopal Church, EDS announced in July that it will cease granting degrees at the conclusion of the current academic year, citing "unsustainable" levels of spending. At the same time, the school's dean tendered his resignation. In November, trustees from the school released a letter revealing staggering financial losses at the troubled progressive seminary.

Anglicans Among Leaders Blocking Franklin Graham's Visit to Canada

"Other prominent Christian leaders unwelcome in Vancouver churches include a chap with no surname calling himself Jesus, who alienated ecclesiastical panjandrums by calling them snakes and Saul of Tarsus who demonstrated a worrying, dehumanizing insensitivity when he invited his opponents to remove their own testicles.

"Thanks to the vigilance of Vancouver's church leaders, the city will remain a Christian free zone, a safe space for Islam, homosexuals, Democratic party politicians, and atheists.

A straight male and the Texas bathroom

And the thought immediately flashed through my mind that if the husband was a transgendered something(s)he would be welcomed with open arms into the Ladies' Room, or the Men's Room for that matter. Or if, were we down the street at the local Target, it would have been a nonissue.

Offering a short silent prayer, I left as the store was closing that particular restroom to all others to deal with the situation. I do not know if an ambulance came or not, nor the outcome of the unfolding medical emergency.


Anglican piety and proclamation are sensitively geared to human welfare (transient body and eternal soul).

QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED: You are Israel's Teacher and do you not understand these things? -- John 3:10

Jesus was rebuking him for his ignorance. Nicodemus ought to have known and understood what Jesus was saying. He professed to be a student of the Hebrew Bible. The necessity of the new birth ought not to have appeared strange to him. The Old Testament Scriptures spoke of the need for a new heart and a new spirit: "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you" (Ezekiel 36:26,27).

More misleading statistics about gay youth suicides

"Permitting same-sex marriage reduces structural stigma associated with sexual orientation," said study leader Julia Raifman, of Johns Hopkins University. There may be something about having equal rights - even if they have no immediate plans to take advantage of them - that makes students feel less stigmatized and more hopeful for the future."

So the message is that to save the lives of teenagers, we need to be more accepting of "sexual minorities". When we reduce stigma, we reduce their temptation to attempt suicide.

Twin priest joins his brother in eternity

Little did I know Fr. Bruce came as a matched set, with his identical twin brother, Fr. David Noble, who was staying behind in Houston. The pair were born in Australia and, naturally, they were Anglicans. One can't really talk about Fr. Bruce without also talking about Fr. David. Up until Fr. David died in 2011, the twins were inseparable. They became an oddity in Anglicanism because there are few unmarried celibate priests. Most Anglican priests are married, with children.

GAFCON Leaders Increase Heat on CofE and call for Revolt against the Archbishop of Canterbury

By any reckoning, a new day has dawned in the Church of England, and, by extension, the whole Anglican Communion and none of it bodes well for the mother church.

An invigorated GAFCON leadership under take-no-prisoners Nigerian Primate, Nicholas Okoh, blindsided too many times by the theological prevarications and lies of Justin Welby, has now stepped up to the plate and is calling for open rebellion against the Archbishop of Canterbury's leadership and the place of Canterbury as the official seat of the Communion.

Would Curry and Jennings Share the Same Bathroom? They Want Texans To

January 30, 2017
The Honorable Joe Straus Speaker of the House
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, Texas 78768

Dear Speaker Straus:

Thank you for your stand against Senate Bill 6. As the presiding officers of the Episcopal Church, we are firmly opposed to this legislation and condemn its discriminatory intent."

It is now a form of malevolent discrimination to separate the sexes.

"We reject the notion that transgender people do not deserve equal civil rights and protection under the law."

SOUTH CAROLINA: Judge remands Episcopal Church case

The case has gone before the U.S. District Court in Charleston two times, and both times, Judge C. Weston Houck decided not to proceed with the case, preferring to wait until a separate state lawsuit is resolved that will clarify ownership of property and identities in the diocese.

That state suit now is stalled in the S.C. Supreme Court.

An opinion from Diana Gribbon Motz, head of a three-judge appeals court panel, stated that the state case and federal case are substantially different, and that resolving one will not adequately resolve the other.

SAVANNAH: Prayer Book Society Conference Grapples with Anglican Identity

"It takes an occasionally helpful (but over-simplified) descriptive model of the Western church during the middle part of the twentieth century and turns it into a prescriptive theological ideal or reads it back (anachronistically) into the past," he said. Harp described it as creating "a kind of Hegelian doctrinal synthesis which actually constitutes opposed positions based upon very different readings of the Bible."

Memo To Bewildered Bishops - Please Be Shepherds, Not Sheep

We all know the seemingly irreconcilable theological positions of those who, on the one hand, believe sexuality to be a matter akin to the civil rights struggle, votes for women and so on -- and those who, on the other, believe it is an issue in which the authority of the Bible and people's eternal salvation are at stake.

But there is another under-discussed problem, and it is simply this: what are the bishops, who have been at the centre of this story, supposed to be there for? And what light does that cast on the Church of England's current predicament?

GAFCON Statement on Synod's rejection of Bishops' report in CofE

GAFCON UK have already commented that 'The confusion created by the General Synod vote on 15th February makes it abundantly clear that a new vision is now needed of what Anglican Christianity in England can and should be.'

Death row inmate may get a new trial, a potential juror was dismissed because she was a Christian

The potential juror was a participant in her church's Outreach Ministries, a program that was their congregation's attempt to fulfill the example of Jesus to minister to the poor, the hungry, those without shelter & clothing, the imprisoned and the sick. The woman herself did not work in the prison ministry of the Outreach program but was dismissed as a juror because of her affiliation with a church that had such a ministry.

Norma McCorvey's death highlights Jane Roe's conversion to life

Norma McCorvey was the woman named Jane Roe in a 1969 Texas court case challenging that state's abortion law, a case that went to the Supreme Court as the vehicle to overturn all US state laws in 1973 and ensconce abortion as a right. But McCorvey wasn't all that involved in the case as even this New York Times article admits.

McCorvey, five months pregnant with her third child, signed an affidavit she claimed she did not read. She just wanted a quick abortion and had no inkling that the case would become a cause celèbre.

Synod Fiddles While Canterbury Burns

The rival team tries to catch the raider and wrestle him or her to the ground to prevent them escaping. Different parts of India permit players to chant different words. In Eastern India players chant hu tu tu tu tu... Because Kabaddi has no English equivalent, General Synod passed a motion agreeing to rename the game Slippery Eels and allowing synod players to use any word they chose to chant, providing it was not sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic or bigoted (GS 301, A 35 [b]).

The dying need a chance to talk, says Dr. Elaine Sugden

Elaine Sugden: Philip Giddings, a political scientist, instigated this joint effort. He had not known what to say when a friend was dying. He was challenged to write and asked my help. As a cancer doctor I was involved with the 'Life Threatening Diagnosis', the 'Difficult Decisions' and the question about 'How and When' death would occur. It was never easy to speak of death.

Almost no one wants to die. A doctor's responsibility is to heal and prolong life where possible and when a reasonable quality of life can be maintained. In general doctors do not talk about death.

The Radical Call to Go the Wrong Way'. Archbishop Welby's charge to General Synod

That is a very serious charge to make. Because if it is true, it challenges the authority of an ancient office and both the direction and integrity of the Church of England.


Where does this idea of inclusion come from? We don't find it in the historic orthodox voices of the Church. It is not in the Gospels, or the Fathers of the Church. It is not found in the authentic mystic visionaries or in charismatic revivals.

So where is it from?

UK: Top bishop's diocese is under fire over a child sex abuse 'cover-up' after a trainee vicar raped two Christian girls

But the diocese did not take any action, saying it could cause further upset to the victims.

Oxford-educated Timothy Storey was jailed for 15 years last April after a court heard how he groomed hundreds of children on Facebook, using his position as children's pastor to prey on 'weak, insecure girls'.

Judge Philip Katz lambasted the 'utterly incompetent failure' of 'arrogant' church leaders to protect young girls -- and accused them of a cover-up. Bishop Chartres apologised and set up an independent inquiry into the scandal.

Historical basis for policy of 'radical inclusion' in the Church of England

'Baal and Yahweh offer complimentary insights into the oneness of worship we are all seeking. Both faiths believe in a supreme god in whose image we are made and which excludes no one. We celebrate our common origin, as indicated by the names themselves ('Lord'). It is acknowledged that Baal worship involves the use of images which traditional Yahwism forbids. But it must be remembered that such images are not crude primitive idols or manifestations of deity, but aids in devotion.

CofE Synod Votes to Rebuke Bishops' Conservative Stance on Marriage * Anglican Church of Canada in Major Decline * Damning Verdict on Child Sex Abuse in Australia * Egyptian Archbishop says Trump is wrong on Immigration

An impassioned debate by the Church of England's General Synod ended with defeat for the bishops.

The shock result plunges the Church into confusion on its stance on marriage with the bishops' report barred from being discussed until the end of this synod in 2020.

Although a majority of members voted in favor overall, a move by campaigners forced the synod to split into its three separate houses -- the laity, the clergy and the bishops -- with all three needing a majority for it to pass.

Nothing has changed--the system is broken

You may remember the January, 2016 meeting of the Primates, or leading bishops of the several Churches of the Anglican Communion. The American Anglican Council has written at length about it. In fact, we were there, on site, helping resource the Primates with accurate information and facts about those Churches, including TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada, that have unrelentingly violated Biblical teaching on the limits of human sexuality.

On Synod, sexuality and not "Taking note"

43 to 1 amongst the bishops (but it turns out the 1 against was an error, and one abstention was not registered);
93 to 100 with 2 abstentions amongst the clergy; and
106 to 83 with 4 abstentions amongst the laity.
Because of the clergy vote, the motion to 'Take note' was not passed.

The Episcopal Church's Christian Witness

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's statement that Christians pray 'leadership will try to serve not partisan interest, but the common good' was a credit to the faith. In the midst of cultural insanity we were treated to a rare glimpse of good old fashion sane and healthy example of Christian behavior.

The challenge will be for it to continue.


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