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GAFCON III: Jerusalem Archbishop urges GAFCON delegates to pursue "diversity and difference"

Dawani, who had been banned from GAFCON II by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori and had Colorado Bishop Rob O'Neill looking over his shoulder to make sure he never came near the conference, greeted the 2,000 delegates meeting at the International Conference Center and welcomed them to his diocese, urging delegates to be a catalyst for reconciliation within the Christian community and the wider world.

JERUSALEM: Orthodox Anglicans come from Four Corners of the Earth to Celebrate Gospel of God

Nigerian Primate and GAFCON chairman, Nicholas Okoh, set the tone for this, the largest international gathering of Anglicans in 50 years, by saying that the West is now among the most secular nations on the planet, which sadly includes the Church of England, to which the Anglican Communion owes its origins and for which, he said, we still have a deep affection.

GAFCON III: Nigerian Primate Calls on Delegates to Proclaim Christ Faithfully to the Nations

God's Gospel is the life-transforming message of salvation from sin and all its consequences through the death and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is both a declaration and a summons: announcing what has been done for us in Christ and calling us to repentance, faith and submission to His Lordship.

No "Fence Sitting" For GAFCON Anglicans

"Some people like Pilate want to take a pass on deciding about Jesus," assessed Bishop Alfred Olwa of the Diocese of Lango, Uganda in a morning bible study drawing upon Luke Chapter 22:66-23:25. "Some people fear the jeering of the crowd more than the judgment of God."

JERUSALEM: GAFCON Launched with 2,000 delegates from 53 countries

The occasion here in Jerusalem is the 10th Anniversary of GAFCON, a global movement of Bible-based Anglicans who profess the orthodox apostolic faith and work together in Gospel Mission.

The Africans are clearly the lead players in this global movement; their presence is overwhelming indicating that the future of Anglicanism lies squarely with orthodox Africans with the most delegates here. The Australians are taking the lead in Western pan-Anglicanism diaspora.

A Letter from Bishop Mark Lawrence after the Supreme Court Decision Re: South Carolina

Before leaving, however, let me share a few thoughts regarding the denial of our recent petition. The U. S. Supreme Court's denial is not an affirmation of the South Carolina Supreme Court's August 2 opinion nor of the merits of our position. It leaves us, however, back in the Dorchester County Court with a conflicted and fractured ruling. Quite simply, regardless of what you may have read or heard elsewhere, this case is not over--, as they say, that is the good news, and that is the bad news.

Islam, Worldview, and the Deep Questions of Life

The main lecture room was full of eager, young students and a handful of visiting pastors and faculty. During one of the lectures I made a point about apologetics -- that being able to answer Muslim objections to Christianity is useful, but in the end what leads to religious conversion is the context of a personal relationship.

The Welby Pontificate

The Communion Establishment was not amused, and the American Episcopalians immediately denounced the Lambeth Resolution and proceeded to elect and consecrate an openly gay man as bishop in 2003. A drama was then acted out, with—to borrow Douthat’s analogy—Archbishop Rowan Williams playing Pope Liberius to Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s Athanasius, and culminated in two Anglican conferences in 2008, one in Jerusalem and one in Canterbury.


Dr Wells was preaching at 'the Service of Hope for LGBTI equality in the Church of England' at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham. He began with a bit of learned myth-busting about St Francis of Assisi's Prayer of Peace. It was in fact written by a Frenchman in 1912, the relevance of which, according to Dr Wells, is that 'like the Prayer of St Francis, the connection between the blessing of same-sex unions and the controversy that surrounds them sometimes gets lost in sweeping assumptions and half-remembered history'.

The Sexual Politicisation of Everything

As both statists and corporatists completely fall for the agendas of the radical minority groups, they effectively conspire against the masses to ram all their destructive social engineering down everyone's throats. We see this perfectly manifest with all things homosexual.

Governments and businesses are feverously pushing the radical homosexual and trans agendas, and as a result, life is becoming ever more politicised -- in this case, sexually politicised. A perfect example of this was seen once again this weekend.

Michael Curry offers to broker peace between Justin Welby and Nicholas Okoh

Asked what that would look like, Curry said, "As you know, I am the most recognized Anglican leader in the world today...some 2 billion people watched me talk about "lurv" to a royal couple and I have the needed gravitas to make this work. I'm black, which gives me creds with the Africans and I speak American English good enough to be understood by white folk even when I jibber jabber. Heavens, they even understood me in England recently. Truth be told I also have a bigger name recognition than Justin.

"Celebrating Ramadan in Southwark Cathedral; mission, meals and infidelity"

They were trying to avoid any discussion in the public place as whether Butt, Redouane and Zaghbahired were in any way representative of Islam. Because there has been a blanket ban on the media identifying terrorists as Muslims, these conversations seldom take place. Few people have the criteria at hand by which to make a judgement.

A Word About Home Schooling

Since private schools are often expensive (but not really, considering the difference they can make in a child's future), those parents who can make the time to home school are extra blessed, as are their children.

It is now much easier to home school than ever before. There are new all-online curricula available which do virtually everything -- present good material, administer & grade tests, and keep and print out grade books and transcripts. This minimizes the busywork time an overworked parent has to spend supervising, and you can add whatever extras you want.

Church of England sexuality debate off the cards until 2020

The confirmation comes after Christian Today revealed the CofE would ignore any calls for change to give bishops time to write a new teaching document on sexuality, not expected until 2020. Instead of formal debates or legislation, any synod discussions on sexuality will take place behind closed doors in group settings, avoiding publicity around a head-to-head debate, Christian Today reported last month.

DARIEN, CT: Episcopal Church's Leading Charismatic Parish in Turmoil

According to a press release released by the diocese, The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, and his staff learned tonight that some lay leaders of St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Mansfield Avenue in Darien had called a locksmith to come earlier this afternoon to change the locks on the church without authorization, locking out the rector and effectively attempting to take over the church.

SOUTH CAROLINA: No 'winners' in bitter Episcopal church dispute

For so many South Carolina churches, the answer is a combination of all of those things, which makes the dispute over 29 properties between the Episcopal Church in South Carolina and the breakaway Diocese of South Carolina so painful.

The 29 properties in question have centuries of history. They have offered places of worship to generations of Charleston area families and helped shape the city's spiritual culture almost since its founding. They are buildings and places, but they are much more than just walls and land.

"Day of Jubilation" as new Primate enthroned for Province de L'Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda

In his charge, the Archbishop thanked his House of Bishops for doing him the honour of electing him to be their leader. He pledged to work hard for the Province and to maintain the team spirit and unity among the bishops. A former vice president of Compassion International, he said his experience would help him to build the Church. He also spoke of the Church being a blessing to the Anglican Communion.


I am going to begin at the end with Contention 7: Lambeth Speaks Plainly (That Was Then). I have been privileged to attend three major Conferences in 2013, 2008 and 1998. And the Lambeth Conference in 1998 is where it all began. Passage of Lambeth Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality was an historic event in three ways:

Vicar of Baghdad Andrew White Accused of Paying ISIS to Free Sex Slaves Is Cleared of Charges

Canon Andrew White, 54, who was the vicar of St George's Church in the capital of Iraq until 2014, said that the authorities had informed him last month that he was no longer being investigated and no further action would be taken, the U.K. Sunday Times reported Wednesday.

"As we now enter a new season of ministry, Caroline and I as well as my team and my people in the Middle East remain deeply grateful to all of you for your support during the times of great challenge that we have experienced as a family and a ministry," White wrote in a statement on his Facebook page Tuesday.


The central issue the high court was asked to review was whether the same rules for determining property ownership applied to church property as in any secular case (neutral principles of law). Courts across the nation have been deeply divided on this issue. There was in this instance, the serendipity of a Minnesota case simultaneously petitioning the Court for review, with essentially identical facts but an opposite outcome in Minnesota. The Court has declined to review either case, leaving in place divisions only it can resolve.

TORONTO: New Anglican Bishop First to Legitimize Euthanasia and Same Sex Marriage

Asbil, then the Dean of Toronto's St. James Cathedral, later told blogger David of Samizdat that he had "without hesitation", supported the couple's wish for their funeral to be held at the Anglican church.

This is the first recorded act of an Anglican cleric being present and openly supporting a couple intentionally committing suicide.


One of the greatest challenges Christians face is evangelizing and discipling the next generation for Christ. The future of Anglican Churches all over the world depends on our developing initiatives to better understand the next generations so that we might better communicate the Gospel and Christian values to them. Moreover, we need to raise up right now leaders from within the next generation to help carry that mission to every corner of our churches and culture

Episcopal National Cathedral Rallies for Capital Pride Parade

Much of the initiative for the Episcopal cathedral's shift came under the leadership of Dean Gary Hall who was brought on in 2012 amidst years of financial challenges. While cathedral officials have embraced LGBT causes since at least the early 1980s, Hall attempted to invigorate the congregation by bringing it national attention. He proclaimed from the pulpit that "It is not only just OK to be gay, straight, bisexual, or transgendered. It is good to be that way, because that is the way God has made you."

Glory, glory, hallelujah! Welby's Euromania is marching on

Giving Welby's penchant for repeating the same error seventy times seven like a needle stuck in a cracked record, Disraeli would surely go an extra mile and pay Welby the crowning compliment of his career: 'Mr Welby is distinguished for ignorance; for he has only one idea, and that is wrong.'

To his credit, the noble Disraeli would retreat from this battle of wits recognising that Archbishop Justin is most often unarmed, especially when he is on a podium and is a victim of the microphone stuck like a fishbone down his throat.

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