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These men of great intellect were great not only of mind but of soul; not only of head but of tender, teachable heart. They amassed much knowledge and wielded enormous expertise in the science of theology but they also thrived on a deep personal knowledge of God Himself. Grace restrained their hubris. Their studies made them learned, their familiarity with Scripture made them wise, their communion with the Lord made them eloquent, their self-knowledge made them humble. Grace made these men great, but not in their own estimation.

We All Have History

You see, we all have a history of things that we have done and, indeed, things that have been done to us through the course of our lives. That personal history has a continuing impact upon people's lives, albeit in different ways. Some of us drag the hurt and injuries with us throughout our lives. The scars are always on display for anyone who wishes to look. Others of us bury the hurt deep within ourselves. The distant pain is only manifested when an event, or a comment, triggers the reaction.

How the Alt-Left Destroyed the Episcopal Church

It's as if Episcopal Church leaders had stood in front of statues of Cranmer, Hooker, Ryle and many other orthodox bishops, tied ropes around their necks and hauled them down, stamped and spat on them and then kicked them to the curb of history.

The long descent of The Episcopal Church begun in earnest under Browning reached its low point under Katherine Jefferts Schori who publicly rejected any notion of individual or personal salvation and could not affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus, both of which views are essential to a serious soteriology of conversion.

Why do Christians hesitate to rise up on anti-Christian persecution?

On Tuesday, the State Department released the first International Religious Freedom Report in the era of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It highlighted persecution and hatred against scores of religious minorities around the world, including Christians.

The report prompted me to reflect anew on why Christians sometimes seem hesitant to raise their voices about such atrocities.

ACNA Archbishop Calls for Prayer. Condemns Racism

I want to draw your attention to two statements from the Anglican Church in North America over the weekend. These were shared on social media, but deserve as wide a distribution as possible. The first is a Call to Prayer from Bishop John Guernsey, Dean of Provincial Affairs, whose diocese includes Charlottesville, Virginia. I encourage you to pray this prayer with me this week. The second statement comes from the Anglican Church in North America's Anglican Multiethnic Network.

The links for each statement are also below. Please share these as you are able.

St. James the Great Newport Beach to be Sold * TEC Clergy Figures Reveal Terrifying Decline * Church in Wales Seeks Archbishop * Australian Bishops Nix Euthanasia talk * Jesus not relied on by Americans to Overcome Sin says study

First, Christians should look at the energized and emboldened white nationalism movement, and at its fascist slogans, and condemn it--full stop. No, "But on the other hand." The main way most people are responding across the political spectrum is by saying, "See? This is what I have been saying all along! This just proves my point." The conservatives are using the events to prove that liberal identity politics is wrong, and liberals are using it to prove that conservatism is inherently racist. We should not do that.

Virginia Seminary Labyrinth to Commemorate 1880s Black Chapel

"There was really strong sentiment in favor of commemorating the St. Cyprian's Chapel," said organizer Serina Sides in an article about the installation featured in the summer 2017 edition of the VTS journal News from the Hill. "Race relations, racial justice, racial reconciliation -- all have been a point of discussion ever since we arrived on campus."

The walls of the 1881 Chapel Garden were not stable enough to support additional work, so members of the class were "inspired" to combine the ideas and name the labyrinth in honor of the chapel.

Is fatherlessness the key to neo-Nazi violence?

The driver of the car who drove his car into a crowd of protesters, killing one of them, was most recognisable face: a 20-year-old from Ohio, James Alex Fields Jr. He has been charged with second-degree murder and malicious wounding.

What strikes you when you look at the angry faces on both sides, neo-Nazi and leftists, is their youth. No one seems to be over 40 and most are in their 20s. Where did they get their nutty antiquated, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, racist ideas? Not from their high schools or their universities. Probably from the internet.

Transgenderism: Another Take

There appears to be very little scientific data, or evidence of brain differences among transgender people, to yet support a biological cause for transgenderism, known now as gender dysphoria. This recently adopted name, dysphoria, deletes the word "Disorder," and reflects the newly changed view noted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, that gender dysphoria is not a mental illness. If a man thinks he's a tree, he is ill. If he thinks he's a woman, he's a "heroine."

St. James Newport Beach: The Pious Language of Greed

Mission is never fully defined, (it certainly has nothing to do with evangelism, discipleship or church growth); at its heart it means a lot of vacuous talk about saving the world for God, endless talk of racism, unnumbered social justice issues from UN resolutions to transgenderism and sodomy, while grabbing, or holding on to properties they believe are theirs for future generations -- generations that are currently dwindling, and in time will cease to exist, never to see the inside of an Episcopal Church.

Anglican Bishop launches scathing attack on 'lying, amoral' Donald Trump - and the 'Christian Right' for backing him

Nicholas Baines, the liberal-leaning Bishop of Leeds, launched his comprehensive assault on 'shameless' Trump and his evangelical backers in a blog post written in the wake of the violence carried out by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, which Trump initially failed specifically to condemn.

But the blog, entitled, 'We won't get fooled again: Trump, Charlottesville and the American Dream' goes broader than the clashes over the weekend, to chart Trump's 'consistent' positions on domestic areas and international ones including North Korea, Russia and Nato.

Bringing the gospel to England - The story of Trinity Church Scarborough

At the time of my announcement in Hull, we had a very small core church planting team. It consisted of me, my wife, my three children (plus all of their toys!) and a young man who I had persuaded to join as an Assistant Minister. The plan was for him to learn how to plant a church and then in four years go and do the same thing. We didn't have any money, any more people and no building. But we did have the gospel and we did have confidence a God for whom nothing is impossible.

In The Guise of Peaceable Assembly

It was unbelievable to see the fighting explode with fisticuffs, tear gas, then become more horrible when a 20 year old Ohio man drove his car into the downtown crowd killing an innocent local paralegal and injuring 39 others.

This is no excuse. The knot heads, including out-of-town haters of the highest sort, amounted to 0.00001548percent of the 323.1 million American population. This is an insignificant number but invidiousness at its worst.

+Bruno, Schmuno: Diocese of LA Sells Out its Parish for the Money

The interim decision of the Hearing Panel of the Disciplinary Board for Bishops set forth its recommendations for the suspension of Bishop J. Jon Bruno and for the reinstatement of the congregation of St. James into its Newport Beach property. There was one dissenting view, from Bishop Michael Smith of North Dakota, who expressed the opinion that the Hearing Panel had no business getting mixed up in the local property ownership dispute.

St. James, Newport Beach will lose their church

On July 31, the Most Rev Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, wrote to Dr. Nyback and me that he had concluded that Bishop J. Jon Bruno "is not in a position to exercise pastoral oversight of St. James." He said he wished to give us episcopal jurisdiction over St. James-related matters. He continued:

Spiritualizing Charlottesville?

"Our purpose will be to bear visible witness to the entirety of the beloved community in which people of all races are equal," the Virginia Episcopal bishops continued. "To make the most visible witness, clergy have been asked to wear clerical street clothes or a cassock (a stole is optional)."

ACNA Archbishop Blasts Liberal Lutherans and Anglicans for throwing away Biblical morality

"Because we refuse to tell people God's truth, refuse to reveal to people God's holy expectations, in the name of love, we are deceiving people into thinking that 'living in sin' is ok with the Almighty. It is not.

Our most vulnerable girls pay sorely for our surrender to the Islamists

Now they've come for white, teenage, under class girls in Newcastle and we have still not learned our lesson -- we are still terrified of being labelled Islamophobic. A blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat can spot the common denominator among these despicable predators and their defenceless targets.

The lesson of Anglicanism: liberalism will tear you apart

Anglicanism's real problem has always been a theological schizophrenia -- the result, perhaps, of it having formed to appease a lusty monarch rather than to preach a creed with clarity. Ask a hundred Anglicans what Anglicanism actually is and expect a hundred answers. The Church of England isn't, really, one Church at all. It's an Erastian umbrella organisation holding together, by virtue of the Crown, a huge range of competing theologies.

Why the Church Fails...

Why the Church Fails the Divorced...

Why the Church Fails Singles...

Why the Church Fails Married Couples...

Why the Church Fails the Gay Community...

On and on the entries followed one after the other. There was, however, a common thread. When the different authors wrote about how the Church has failed... it was generally about how it had failed "me", or my tribe, or my profession, or my state in life. At the root of it was the perception that the Church had failed me personally (or professionally) in one way or another.

Convert Nation

Cohen was the son of a cantor, or worship leader, at a Philadelphia synagogue. His father wasn't comfortable with him marrying someone who wasn't Jewish. At first, Cohen didn't want to push his faith on his fiancee, but Jane really loved Jewish rituals like lighting Shabbat candles and eating with family on Friday nights. She decided to convert, taking the name Sarah.

Evangelicals, Trump and the politics of redemption

I say this recognizing that the last election involved difficult choices upon which reasonable and well-intentioned people disagreed. I understand the argument of those who believed that Mr. Trump was the better of two bad options, whose policies would do less damage to the country than Hillary Clinton's.

'Welcome to our church': It's a lot harder than you think

VOL: Have baby-sitting available and children's Sunday School. Not a difficult solution.

CT: What happens when a non-standard couple -- living together without being married, for instance -- arrives?

VOL: Invite them in but say Communion is not open to them. It would damage their souls if they participated. It is for their good, not ours.

CT: What happens if they're gay?

Are we living in End Times? * Diocese of South Carolina Seeks Rehearing * Nashotah House President Resigns * Church of England Could Split if Liberalizing Trend Continues says Bishop * VOL urgently needs your support.

The Catholic Church in the United States is only doing "exceptionally well" by comparison to the Catholic Church in Europe. Political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell found that if not for Latino immigration, the US Catholic Church would be hemorrhaging members at the same rate of Mainline Protestantism. --- Rod Dreher

Church of England Evangelical Council will not go along to get along over human sexuality doctrine

The February letter was sent immediately after the House of Bishops report (GS2055) was published. It described how the Officers were "heartened to read that the House of Bishops is proposing no change to the Church of England's doctrinal position on marriage and sexual relations and that no liturgical prayers for same sex relationships, authorised or commended, should be produced". Much work was done by evangelical bishops to secure this outcome and we are grateful for that and that this remains the Church's official position.


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