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June 08 2017 By dvirtue What the Scottish Episcopal Church is Voting On

It is probably worth a quick outline of what the synod will be doing.

The big motion is Motion 6 on the agenda. This motion is simply this:

That the amended text for Canon 31 be read for the second time.

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June 08 2017 By dvirtue The Business of GAFCON

At the heart of the divisions which have beset the Anglican Communion since 2002 is a profound disagreement over sexual ethics, in particular whether same sex unions can be blessed by God in the light of the teaching of the Bible. The teaching of GAFCON is that the Bible is clear on three vital points.

First, that sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage is forbidden by God and not in the best interests of humans.

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June 07 2017 By dvirtue NIGERIA: The Rev. Phillips Emmanuel Adeyemi: An Anglican priest without guile

In fact, before Rev. Vining's death in 1955, he had trained scores of young enthusiast and dynamic Anglicans to continue with the propagation of Anglicanism as a priest. Rev. Vining's efforts and training of young dynamic priests led missionary outbursts that later culminated in the Dioceses of Ibadan on January 25, 1952. This was before Rev.

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June 06 2017 By dvirtue We need to talk more about Jesus and Mohammed and less about Christianity and Islam

At the memorial service held after Khalid Masood had killed bystanders on Westminster Bridge, the Dean of Westminster Abbey Dr John Hall offered this reflection in his sermon:

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May 29 2017 By dvirtue Why Do They Hate Us So Much?

An ISIS statement released 24 hours after the attack pointed to historical and theological motives for the massacre. 'With Allah's grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the Crusaders in the British city of Manchester. ...The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena. What comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies,' it read.

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May 28 2017 By dvirtue Inclusivity Revisited

(There is a similar Canon applying to the discernment process for would-be clergy.) The words "sexual orientation" and "gender identity and expression" are the most recent additions to the list of grounds upon which Episcopalians are called not to discriminate. As this Canon's predecessor stood from its adoption in 1964 (at the height of the civil rights movement) until 1982, it read:

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May 24 2017 By dvirtue Inside North Korea: two views of Christians that prevail

Communist resistance was supported by Russia in World War Two, and managed to pin down a whole Japanese army in the East.At this point Korea was viewed as an ally.

The victors occupied Korea: the Russians occupied land north of the 38th parallel and the United States the south. The leader of the Communist resistance was Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of Kim Jong-un.In 1947 he became the supreme leader of North Korea and strict state control began.

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May 24 2017 By dvirtue Mercy has a human face (even in Manchester)

Within minutes of the assassination of our children, there was an outpouring of goodness. It began with Manchester Muslim taxi drivers turning their taxi meters off and offering to drive anyone in need anywhere. Theatre nurses on a conference near Manchester offered to come in to work with surgeons in the middle of the night. Hotels threw open their doors to give tea and shelter to anyone looking for their kids.

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A word first if I may about the term 'conservative evangelical': I prefer to call myself a 'classic evangelical' because for the vast majority of the public who are not familiar with Anglican parlance conservative evangelical could easily be construed as denoting an evangelical who supports the Conservative Party. Whilst 'classic evangelical' may conjure up images of 1950s-style Morgans or Morris Minors, I hope you do not mind if I use the term in the course of this argument.

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May 11 2017 By dvirtue IRELAND: Some reflections on General Synod 2017 - Human Sexuality Debate/Motion 12

The report met with some favorable comments and was accepted overwhelmingly.

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