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As Eye See It
November 05 2017 By dvirtue Church of England Priest Confessses to posting in Canterbury Cathedral

Each presbyter at his ordination promises to, "be ready, with all faithful diligence, to banish and drive away all erroneous and strange doctrines contrary to God's Word; ant to use both publick [sic] and private monitions and exhortations, as well to the sick as to the whole, within your cures, as need shall require, and occasion shall be given." We are not merely to assert biblical truth.

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November 03 2017 By dvirtue A Pyrrhic Victory in San Joaquin

And actually, those figures are not even half of the San Joaquin iceberg. For as I carefully estimated from all sources and after reviewing ECUSA's budget for the current triennium, ECUSA's litigation machine has spent a good $40 million on just legal expenses in the first six triennia of this century (it began its career of suing parishes and dioceses in 2000).

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November 01 2017 By dvirtue Biggest Threat to Christianity in 21st Century Comes From Within, Theologians Say

"That's a greater threat than Islam. Christendom. A far greater threat to Christianity than Islam is. Islam can never destroy the Gospel, but Christendom can easily destroy the Gospel and is destroying the Gospel," said Ferguson, adding, "the Church is the greatest threat to real Christianity in the world. God help us."

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November 01 2017 By dvirtue Martin Luther's American legacy, 500 years later

Luther's theses challenged the status quo of certain church teachings by his own understanding of the Bible. In doing so Luther unwittingly released a floodgate of protest and reform resulting in profound social change for Europe. Beyond Europe, Luther's legacy shaped American ideals about liberty of conscience while animating a reformist impulse.

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October 31 2017 By dvirtue Through the Looking Glass

These days, I feel very much like Alice. I've walked through the looking glass into a strange new world. It's 2017 and we have a television reality show host as President of the United States. After years of dedicated public servants like Richard Lugar of Indiana and Sam Nunn of Georgia seeking to reduce nuclear stockpiles world-wide, we're now hearing about a new arms race.

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October 30 2017 By dvirtue Three Ways to Remember the Reformation

Just here in the Twin Cities, the coming days will feature everything from worship to workshops, plus the debuts of a Reformation-inspired symphony and a play in which the Devil prosecutes Martin Luther — with Sigmund Freud and Pope Francis as witnesses! And there’s certainly no shortage of new books to read. I’m currently in the middle of Brad Gregory’s Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World.

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October 30 2017 By dvirtue In defence of offensiveness

'Why would anyone tolerate such things from someone like you, a rotten paunch, crude ass and fart-ass?' he writes in his work Against the Roman Papacy. 'You are a crude ass, and an ass you will remain!' he tells the Holy Father. Luther's insults are legendary and Luther is an equal-opportunity insulter, making no distinction between pope and prince.

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October 26 2017 By dvirtue Weigh who you give your Charitable Dollar to at Christmas

A case in point is Food for the Poor, a Florida-based NGO, and one of the largest hunger relief and development organizations in the nation. Its Director, CEO, President, Robin G Mahfood receives a generous compensation of $438,031 in a total revenue of $1,158,156,705. What is not clearly stated is that 86.4% are "donated goods" according to a 2014 report.

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October 26 2017 By dvirtue To Win More Political Victories, Evangelicals Need To Stop Thinking Of America As 'A Christian Nation'

This decadent tableau of evangelical politics as an alliance between Moore and Trump illustrates a crisis of evangelical political activism and theology. Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump, despite his decades as an unabashed advertisement for most of the seven deadly sins.

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October 23 2017 By dvirtue Good Ground

Last week, one of the people in that picture died of a massive heart attack at the age of 62. Jim was the first of us to go. It was completely unexpected and it broke my heart. He had started the Fellowship with me. For some years, he was my best friend.

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