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August 24 2016 By dvirtue Why isn't your name on the list?

The German philosopher Hegel, in writing about analytical thought, said that conversations should pose a thesis, engage an antithesis, and then resolve into synthesis. That approach works fine when dealing with matters of opinion or preference, but it is not effective in dealing with issues of truth.

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August 21 2016 By dvirtue Oh Canada! and Oh Scotland!

Six diocesan bishops of the ACoC (out of 32) and one suffragan have written to the Anglican Communion as follows:

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August 19 2016 By dvirtue WASHINGTON NATIONAL CATHEDRAL: Elimination of historical reminders to pacify grievance groups is a never-ending process

The reasoning of these experts brings to mind the concept of a panacea, something that has always fascinated me - the idea that there is a simple explanation and simple solution for a complex problem. Although history has proven that panaceas seldom live up to their expectations, politicians and activists often use them to hoodwink a trusting public. They imply that complex problems can be resolved with simplified solutions.

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August 17 2016 By dvirtue Do Christians Have a Moral Responsibility to Vote Trump?

Sadly, Grudem's hyperbole follows a well-established historical pattern among American evangelicals.

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August 16 2016 By dvirtue WASHINGTON NATIONAL CATHEDRAL: "Take down those windows"

There was plenty of analysis but there were no remedies to move the White Church from paralysis. Just to speak of the Cathedral as one of the "White Churches"; can the new Dean and Board do a little part of "What the White Church Must Do" and remove the Confederate Windows? "What The White Church Must Do" may be too much to do; we may well ask "When Will the White Church Do Must"?

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August 16 2016 By dvirtue White Christian America is dying

Although the declining proportion of white Christians is due in part to large-scale demographic shifts -- including immigration patterns and differential birth rates -- this chart also highlights the other major cause: young adults' rejection of organized religion. Young adults are three times as likely as seniors to claim no religious affiliation (34 percent versus 11 percent, respectively).

What's the broader implication of this generational pattern?

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August 11 2016 By dvirtue Pope Francis should realise Catholics don't kill in God's name

Hours before the Krakow trip, Fr Jacques Hamel an elderly priest had been brutally killed in France by Islamic extremists while celebrating Mass.

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August 10 2016 By dvirtue Obsession

Now, that's about what we do. What is it that we don't do? Well, we don't look in our wallet or purse and congratulate ourselves on the other cards we haven't lost. We don't call American Express and tell the person on the other end of the line, "Hey, I just want you to know that I haven't lost my American Express card!" We don't go around with a smug self-satisfied expression showing people what we still have.

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August 06 2016 By dvirtue Canterbury is only as helpful, as he is Faithful

(1) The existing "Instruments of Unity" (the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Bishops Conference, Primates meetings and Anglican Consultative Council) are not only irrevocably broken, they are at odds with each other, and

(2) the Archbishop of Canterbury has, by his silence and passivity, made things worse

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August 01 2016 By dvirtue From gay to Catholic brother: Dear Church, you owe me no apology

You need to know that there was not one day in my 43 years that I did not recognize how offensive my behavior was to God. Looking back, I can honestly say that the wedge that I placed between God and myself was one of my greatest sufferings. What kept me away from the church was my stupidity and guilt. You gave me the truth and I rejected that truth.

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