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Twice Dr. Crew has interfered in the affairs of the Anglican Church of Uganda; once in the winter of 2001 and again in the summer of 2004. In response to his first action you responded, "It is altogether inappropriate for you, while representing the church to change roles in order to pursue your personal concerns and then make public comments which can only inflame anger and cause strain between the Episcopal Church USA and other provinces of the Anglican Communion.

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May 12 2005 By virtueonline Nashotah Dean Speaks on Issues on Sexuality

I have just returned from Minneapolis where I was privileged to be a Deputy to General Convention from the Diocese of Quincy for the fourth time. As you already know from the media and pastoral letters being issued in many dioceses, among the actions taken by the General Convention was the confirmation of the Bishop-elect of New Hampshire, a man who is living in a homosexual relationship.

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May 12 2005 By virtueonline This Mutiny Will Fail; the Church Will Abide - by William Swing

[B]ishops and congregations not associated with the Network will soon rush to join. . . Woe to the clergy and the congregations that don't join the Network, for they will be removed from the Network dioceses and left dangling, says that bishop.

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May 10 2005 By virtueonline HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF - by Tom Johnson

If you are not in possession of this book, I urge you to get it and read it through. It is published by Fortress Press, Philadelphia, ISBN 0-8006-0825-9, Copyright1959.

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May 10 2005 By virtueonline The Church that lost its spirit - by Theo Hobson

Nor was I surprised by the general reverence of the press. For about a decade the overwhelming majority of religious comment has come from Roman Catholics. One can instantly think of a large handful of Catholic columnists (Paul Johnson, Charles Moore, Libby Purves, Christina Odone, William Rees-Mogg) - can you name a single one who is noticeably Anglican? There are also plenty of dogmatic atheist columnists, of course, and their daring disbelief has been on display.

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May 05 2005 By virtueonline 'The days of so-called "Pluriform Truth" are over' - by John-David Schofield

What has become clear is that the days of so-called "Pluriform Truth" are over. The liberals have clearly lost any control of the direction that the Anglican Communion is going.

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May 03 2005 By virtueonline Unspinning Anglican Doctrine - by Stephen Noll

There may be many other things about homosexuality in matters of pastoral care, social concern and church order up for discussion, but according to Lambeth, the compatibility of homosexual activity with the Word of God is not one of them.

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May 03 2005 By virtueonline Empty Churches - by Thomas C. Reeves

With a couple of thousand years of history to learn from, Christians don't have to quibble about what is and isn't the historic, revealed faith. The issue is whether or not we accept it. Those churches preferring to base their religion and morality on current fads, social work, liberal politics, and the latest issue of the New York Times are disappearing.

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May 02 2005 By virtueonline Trust me, archbishop, you won’t solve poverty - by Rod Liddle

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has the sort of beard to which we should all aspire. It does not, perhaps, possess the wilful abandon of the Greek Orthodox beard (a church for which he nonetheless has some theological affection), nor the unbending certainty of the fundamentalist Muslim beard.

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April 30 2005 By virtueonline The Joy of Eviction - by Ed Hird

After meeting with our gifted lawyer Bob Kuhn, we realized that our ex-diocese could drag this out for years in the courts, appealing again and again even if we won at the lower court level. Our former diocese has very deep pockets. With the BC Supreme Court cost being $10,000 a day, we decided that this would not be a good use of our resources. We would rather focus on telling people about the love of Jesus.

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