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December 23 2018 By dvirtue Call for joint study on effects of 'Conversion Therapy'

A recent study, Effects of Therapy on Religious Men who have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction, (Santero et al2018), found "positive change in suicidality, self-esteem, depression, self-harm substance abuse" and "degree of harm is zero to slight and about typical for therapy for other unwanted problems." The authors argue that this therapy is not really exceptional but should be considered in the ranks of the conventional.

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December 22 2018 By dvirtue MY CHRISTMAS HEART ATTACK

As we talked, she called my son, Joshua, then 25, who happens to be a licensed paramedic. He told her to call 9-1-1 immediately -- and that he would arrange to be the responding medic.

When Joshua and his paramedic partner arrived in the ambulance, he walked into the living room -- the same room where he had grown up, played games, watched TV and been homeschooled with his sister, Sarah -- and asked me, "Dad, what's going on?"

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December 19 2018 By dvirtue CHINA: Letter from a Chengdu Jail by Wang Yi

In it, he condemns China's Communist Party and urges Christians to perform acts of civil disobedience.

Pastor Yi criticized the government for forcing its citizens to engage in "Caesar worship" by treating President Xi Jinping like a god.

He wrote that ideology "is morally incompatible with the Christian faith and all those who uphold freedom of the mind and thought."

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December 17 2018 By dvirtue A Vision For The Anglican Communion--And A Faithful Way Forward

The American Anglican Council's vision for what the entire Anglican Communion might become is also like Paul's glorious vision in Ephesians:
"Within the global Communion of Anglican Churches our vision is to help leaders and national churches return Anglicanism to its biblical and apostolic roots, to prevail over all false gospels, to unite with other biblical and apostolic Christians and, together, to fulfil Christ's Great Commission in the world."

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December 17 2018 By dvirtue IT'S THE PROPERTY, STUPID!

The purpose in republishing this piece is not to say "I told you so," but to look squarely at the stark choices facing conservative Anglicans in the UK. We in the ACNA lost a lot in our property battle with the establishment (witness the magnificent funeral services for George H.W. Bush in Episcopal edifices). I can hardly imagine what it might mean to walk away not only from the property but the heritage of a thousand-year-old parish church.

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December 17 2018 By dvirtue CEEC responds to Church of England Bishops on Gender Transition

What is the background?

The Pastoral Guidance is the latest response from the House of Bishops to the General Synod overwhelmingly passing a motion in July 2017 from Blackburn Diocesan Synod.

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December 15 2018 By dvirtue Amazing Appeasement, how sweet the sound, that saved an evangelical wretch like me!

These honourable men (they are all biological men) also have a zeal for biblical doctrine and liturgy unadulterated by Popery. They'd suffer a fit of asthmatic wheezing if they inhaled a whiff of incense; candles on the altar would prompt an iconoclastic purge, and a priest wearing a chasuble would be seen as embracing the Whore of Babylon. Some of these courageous men refused to don even a stole at their ordination.

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December 13 2018 By dvirtue Transitioning a Liturgy

The bishops start by affirming that all people are welcome at church and celebrating the diversity of the body of Christ. Those are things that every evangelical Christian would want to endorse enthusiastically. Our astonishment at God's amazing grace, that embraces even a sinner like me, drives us to want others to share in that too.

However, this guidance is highly problematic for a number of reasons:

Distorting liturgy

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December 09 2018 By dvirtue Bush-41 returns to St. Martin's-Houston for final rites

Accompanying him on the president's plane was Fr. Russell Levenson, St. Martin's rector, who has been the Bush family pastor for a dozen years. He was at Bush-41's bedside when he died. He went with the grieving Bush family to Washington, DC for the formal state funeral at the National Cathedral. He accompanied the Bushes back to Houston on Special Mission 41.

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December 05 2018 By dvirtue What Archbishop Sentamu calls a "childish dream" is in reality a biblical vision

Millions of non-Christians, many of them young Western men, are hungrily devouring Peterson's YouTube lectures on the Bible. There is indeed a famine, not of bread or water, but of hearing the words of the Lord, as the prophet Amos declared. But try getting 50 young white men to listen to the diocesan bishop teach Genesis or even the sexy Song of Songs and if it's successful, I'll change my surname to Sentamu or, even better, Sent-to-moo.

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