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May 02 2017 By dvirtue WELCOME!

My wife was on a business trip and my bandmate, Michael, was doing special music for a Methodist service. I was on my own. I went online to see if anything special was happening at the church in question. My eye fell on the date of April 30th. There was to be a "Town Hall" meeting after the morning service to discuss future plans for the church. There was an open invitation to attend. This time, I knew, was going to be different.

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May 01 2017 By dvirtue Responding to the Gafcon communique: "Gretna Green and the dog that didn't bark"-opportunities and omissions

Once again, at least in Christian terms, the Anglican Church in Scotland is going to have a different attitude to marriage from the Anglican Church in and of England.

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April 28 2017 By dvirtue 'Worshipping the equality-god is a dangerous thing to do....'

Gangland culture knows all about the significance of looking. "Who are you looking act", like so many challenges isn't the question it pretends to be. The person asking the question knows very well who is being looked at. The real question is "who the **** do you think you are- looking at me straight in the eyes when you should be lowering them as a sign that you are inferior to me."

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April 24 2017 By dvirtue Church of Ireland set to vote on Pastoral Acceptance of Same-Sex Unions

The synod could not have been any clearer on the teaching of the Church of Ireland in relation to Human Sexuality and Marriage. Five years later what has changed? We have had a 'listening process' in the intervening period. However, in that period the Republic of Ireland has passed legislation allowing same-sex marriage whereas the Northern Ireland assembly, through motions of concern, blocked the same legislation being passed.

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April 24 2017 By dvirtue The welfare state has a lot to answer for

I was the youth speaker. I was asked to address the second generation. The kids were Brits--born, bred, buttered and jammed in the UK. I was preaching to a sea of young brown faces speaking in a Babel of British accents. Some of them were even saying "innit" and "yoof!" Then, after my first session at the coffee break, I heard the two magic words: welfare state. The parents of these "yoof" mobbed me and began pleading with me.

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April 16 2017 By dvirtue WE WANT BARABBAS -- A Destructive Episcopal Trend in the Anglican Communion

Who put Jesus to death? -- a question relevant for this passion week. Pope Benedict XVI answered the question thus: The real group of accusers are the current Temple authorities, joined in the context of the Passover amnesty by the "crowd" of Barabbas' supporters. Geza Vermes agreed with the Pope: the guilt lies, he declared, with the temple aristocracy and the pro-Barabbas mob.

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April 10 2017 By dvirtue TSUNAMI!

As of 2017, less than 1% of those born prior to 1946, remain in the workforce. Following this group are two “waves” of baby boomers - those born between 1946 and 1954 (the first wave) and those born between 1955 and 1964 (the second wave). In 2017, the first wave makes up 11% of the workforce, while the second wave is at 16%, making boomers 27% of the workforce today. The rest of the workforce is made up of Generation X and the Millennials.

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April 09 2017 By dvirtue Why the Arguments for a Third Way do not Work

It seems likely that in the months to come there will be strong pressure on Evangelicals in the Church of England who are not willing to go all the way in accepting same-sex relationships to at least adopt this kind of third way approach and so in this post I want to explain why I think the three arguments for this this approach noted above are mistaken.

The reason that the first argument is mistaken is because it does not do justice to what St. John is saying in John 1:14.

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April 07 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Church Elects Normal Bishop

“What is stunning is that he got through the ecclesiastical net, especially as we now have a committee set up to pre-vet all potential bishops, and someone like this is clearly unacceptable, so I need to know how he got through the net. I am horrified.”

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April 05 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Church Forms Title Company, Acquires Law Firm

"The [title insurance] problem appears to be with our [so-called] Dennis Canon," said a Church spokesperson at the national headquarters in New York City.

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