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Culture Wars
February 08 2017 By dvirtue Trump is entitled to protect persecuted Christian refugees

Incandescent with righteous indignation they are hurling hardback Bibles at the White House. They have Goliath in their sights and are reaching for their sling and Bible verses to slay the evil Philistine Trump who has uttered unrepeatable blasphemies against their mushy religion of universal love.

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February 01 2017 By dvirtue America's Second Civil War

This Second Civil War, fortunately, differs in another critically important way: It has thus far been largely nonviolent. But given increasing left-wing violence, such as riots, the taking over of college presidents' offices and the illegal occupation of state capitols, nonviolence is not guaranteed to be a permanent characteristic of the Second Civil War.

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January 31 2017 By dvirtue Anglican Summit: Abortion is Our Problem

"Abortion is a deep offense against the pre-born child and a direct attack against God," declared Life International Founder Kurt Dillinger, who warned that abortion is a far-reaching problem and that "there is no church that is immune to this around the globe."

"He [God] has an answer to this: it's you," Dillinger charged before the gathering of bishops, clergy and lay people from U.S. Anglican and Episcopal churches. "We have the power to be life-givers and life-takers."

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January 26 2017 By dvirtue WASHINGTON, D.C., White House confirms: VP Pence to speak at March for Life

Rumors that Pence was going to appear at the March for Life have been circulating in DC and were heightened when March for Life organizers sent out a note warning of extra security screening.

"Participants should be aware that due to heightened security concerns, all will be required to go through airport-type screening to reach the rally site," they said. "The screening stations will be on the Washington Monument grounds directly north of the Monument near 16th Street."

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January 26 2017 By dvirtue "The Pharisee Culture is Not Magnetic"

Nominal Christianity is going away, according to Sauls, pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. Sauls went to Nashville after having spent five years on the staff of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City with noted pastor and author Tim Keller.

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January 17 2017 By dvirtue Political Correctness is Fuelling Islamic Terrorism

One of the men who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad told Fox News' "The Kelly File" Wednesday that political correctness "started that chain" that led to Monday night's truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market.

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January 16 2017 By dvirtue Study Reveals Significant Health Disparities for Homosexual Teens

The study used two questions to measure a student's sexual status: "Which of the following best describes you?" The response options were "heterosexual (straight)," "gay or lesbian," "bisexual," and "not sure." The sexual activity of students surveyed was determined by asking: "During your life, with whom have you had sexual contact?" The response options were "I have never had sexual contact," "females," "males," and "females and males." In analyzing the results, researchers grouped students

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January 16 2017 By dvirtue A nine-year-old boy is spreading a 'contagion of mass delusion'

If you're an LGBTQ loyalist, you will love the "in your face" cover photo of the boy Avery. But for me, one who was restored after living for eight years as a female transgender, the cover photo is a sad and painful reminder of a lost childhood, a family ripped apart, and a marriage that did not survive. To me, the cover is a glossy reminder of the brokenness of transgender ideology.

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January 10 2017 By dvirtue Shock Study: Teens Who Practice Celibacy and Heterosexuality Are Healthier

Into this climate enters an abnormality, a mother who believes strongly in "comprehensive sex education," yet has a piece over at Scary Mommy which argues for teen celibacy. She makes her case based on findings which suggest that holding off on sex corresponds to healthier living overall.

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January 06 2017 By dvirtue Liberal churches are dying. But conservative churches are thriving

Faced with this troubling development, clergy members have made various efforts to revive church attendance. It was almost 20 years ago that John Shelby Spong, a U.S. bishop in the Episcopalian Church, published his book "Why Christianity Must Change or Die." It was presented as an antidote to the crisis of decline in mainline churches.

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