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Culture Wars
September 15 2016 By dvirtue Massachusetts Forces LGBT 'Accommodation' Rules on Churches

The restrictions are massive. Any "public accommodation" must allow patrons to use men's or women's restrooms -- and locker rooms and changing rooms -- "consistent with their gender identity." Such places must also "use names, pronouns, and gender-related terms appropriate to employee's stated gender identity in communications with employee and with others."

These are not small asks for churches, Christian schools, and other organizations which operate on Christian principles.

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September 15 2016 By dvirtue OXFORD: Conference explores the issue of religiously inspired violence

The three-day conference with over 100 speakers from over 30 countries expressed the tension between advocates of religious freedom and ideologues for human rights. Dr Cole Durham, founding director of ICLRS and himself a Mormon asked whether provision should not be made for a pharmacist who objected to giving the morning after pill if a nearby pharmacist would.

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September 14 2016 By dvirtue The Modern Gospel is Selling Us Short -- And Sending People To Hell

Too often a once-off altar call is seen as the be all and end all of Christian salvation. But an emotional reaction decades ago is not what biblical conversion is all about. A changed life is. Too often folks will sing a dozen choruses of "Just As I Am" and leave a gospel meeting just as they were.

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September 13 2016 By dvirtue Americans view pastors' political endorsements as 'inappropriate'

About 8 in 10 Americans (79 percent) say it is inappropriate for pastors to endorse a political candidate during a church service, according to a 2015 phone survey by LifeWay Research published Thursday (Sept. 8).

"Americans already argue about politics enough outside the church. They don't want pastors bringing those arguments into worship," LifeWay Research Executive Director Scott McConnell said in a written statement.

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September 06 2016 By dvirtue What Became of the Christian Intellectuals? There is More to the Story

"Half a century ago," Jacobs tells his readers, "such figures existed in America: serious Christian intellectuals who occupied a prominent place on the national stage. They are gone now. It would be worth our time to inquire why they disappeared, where they went, and whether--should such a thing be thought desirable--they might return."

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August 31 2016 By dvirtue Ask Not for Whom the Volcano Erupts; It Erupts for Thee: A Response to David Gushee

This is the reality we now face, and the onslaught is coming fast. Major LGBT organizations are now pressing their demands and gaining traction. A host of politicians are ready to support any legislation that will make them appear, by their calculation, on "the right side of history," not to mention on the winning side of the ballot box.

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August 29 2016 By dvirtue The Entire 'LGBT' Narrative Just Crumbled - Two Articles

This study, conducted by world renowned Johns Hopkins University scientists Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, is a meta-analysis of data from over 200 peer-reviewed (and left-leaning) studies regarding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." It was published in the fall 2016 edition of The New Atlantis journal and is, far and away, the most objective, exhaustive and comprehensive study on the topic to date.

The research established, among other things:

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August 25 2016 By dvirtue Why America's 'nones' left religion behind

About half of current religious "nones" who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention "science" as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said "I'm a scientist now, and I don't believe in miracles." Others reference "common sense," "logic" or a "lack of evidence" -- or simply say they do not believe in God.

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Eichenwald also charges that modern English translations of the New Testament are notoriously unreliable. The truth is that there are today a dozen or so fairly reliable translations. Eichenwald cites as his key example of translation inaccuracy renderings of the Greek verb proskune? (?????????) as "worship" when applied to Jesus.

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August 18 2016 By dvirtue Will the brave new world of Methodist marriage extend to incest?

In 1878, Mark Twain, travelling up the Rhine on a barge, came to the small town of Dilsberg, whose 700 inhabitants, Twain learned, were all 'blood-kin to each other' and 'have been blood-kin to each other for fifteen hundred years'.

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