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Culture Wars
October 16 2017 By dvirtue The Uses and Abuses of Hate

One large organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has made hundreds of millions of dollars trafficking in hate. That is, they hatefully and falsely accuse others of hatred, even those whose only crime is to advocate traditional moral values.

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October 13 2017 By dvirtue Former LGBTQ Christians Share Their Journey to Freedom in Jesus and Heterosexuality in New Documentary

Men and women who once embraced gay relationships and transgender identities share how their lives and their sense of self completely changed after coming to meet Jesus.

Just some of the ex-LGBTQ Christians sharing their story in the upcoming 'Here's My Heart' documentary are Brooklyn Wojo, who identified as lesbian aged 12 and transgender at the age of 18, before meeting Christ and being born again.

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October 12 2017 By dvirtue Thousands of Christians 'Take a Knee' on National Mall to Repent for Racial Injustice

Despite a downpour in the morning, droves of Christian women trudged through the mud and the precipitation as they participated in "Rise Up," a worship assembly organized by charismatic Christian leader Lou Engle's The Call to pray for racial reconciliation, an end to gender-based injustices and an end to abortion in the U.S.

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October 03 2017 By dvirtue Yes They ARE Targeting Our Children

I have documented heaps of this in my 2011 book Strained Relations. There I quoted plenty of the activists and what they have said about their goals and strategies, and how targeting children is a crucial part of this. Let me quote from parts of that book here.

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September 27 2017 By dvirtue Russian Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev has a warning for the West

Opening his talk with an acknowledgement of Christian persecution throughout the world, and armed with research figures hewn from recent PEW polls and other studies, Hilarion painted a grim but up-to-date and accurate picture of what Christianity is currently facing due to migration and Western secularization, and also what the future of Christianity will look like without a deep and strenuous effort at evangelization.

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September 26 2017 By dvirtue Prof sounds alarm over same-sex 'studies' on children

Regnerus is sounding the alarm on research quietly published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior."

There, researcher Bruce Rind has led studies suggesting there was no noticeable difference in long-term regret, shame or other negative reactions when compared to the teenagers' long-term response after having sex for the first time with boys or girls of the same age.

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September 21 2017 By dvirtue The return of clandestine marriage?

While there were times when clandestine marriages were pursued for reasons that a conscientious observer might have found ethical, they were a source of abuse wherein people would marry secretly, consummate the marriage, and then one party -- the man, let's be honest -- would deny the marriage had taken place.

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September 21 2017 By dvirtue Donald Trump at UN: President accused of 'hate speech' but evangelicals praise 'best speech ever'

The bombastic speech to the UN's general assembly in New York was greeted with a number of disapproving murmurs from delegates and several members states rounded on Trump afterwards.

Iran's foreign minister Javid Zarif accused the President of 'ignorant hate speech' which he said belonged in 'medieval times' and not at the UN.

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September 15 2017 By dvirtue Transactivism Is Hurting Your Children

This is both compassionate and reasonable, and it's how we handle other situations when an individual suffers from a handicap or disorder. We do our best to help them, but we don't turn the world upside down for them.

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September 14 2017 By dvirtue Biblical Law, Grace and 'Gay' Recidivism

Though I have never experienced same-sex attraction, I attended several Exodus conferences and other functions and was deeply impressed by the glowing Christian character of many of its members and the overpowering presence of the Holy Spirit, especially during their worship in music. I have always had a special place in my heart for "gay" strugglers and have ministered to many individuals over the years as an aspect of my Bible-based Christian activism.

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