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November 10 2014 By dvirtue UK: Bishop of Truro says Church of England has 'six years'

Speaking on Radio Cornwall, he said: "I'd been saying that for a while now so I think we have to come down and say it's five or six years."

Bishop Thornton said analysis of attendance figures was "all showing one thing".

He said: "I fear that we are on a steady decline at the moment."

The Diocese of Truro voted on 8 November 2014 for a 28% increase in the amount of money it needs from local churchgoers to reduce a £1.2m deficit over the next year.


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November 04 2014 By dvirtue Church of England can't play 'happy families' over the gay issue, say conservatives

The latest part of the process took place at a recent meeting of the Church's bishops, when gay and transgender clergy and laity shared their stories with the bishops who were then split into small groups and urged to open up about their own sexuality.

The Bishop of Buckingham Alan Wilson subsequently claimed in a new book that as many as one in ten bishops were secretly gay. The campaigner Peter Tatchell has threatened to "out" these bishops if they do not out themselves.

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November 03 2014 By dvirtue Anglican Mainstream questions Oxford’s ‘neutrality’ in Shared Conversation process

In the first couple of points there is an attempt to ground the reflection in theology. God’s “faithfulness” is interpreted as being an unfailing guarantee that whatever conclusion we come to in the debate on same sex relationships, God will not desert us.

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October 28 2014 By dvirtue UK: MPs vie to have woman bishop in their constituency

Traditionalists were represented by Robert Neill, who spoke of the "generous" approach of Anglo-Catholics, and the desire to avoid undermining dialogue with "our Catholic and Orthodox brethren". The Church was committed to providing a place for traditionalists, Sir Tony said, "without a limited time". Ms Johnson later asked whether such a limit might be considered.

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October 26 2014 By dvirtue UK: One in 50 Church of England clergy don't believe in God

The YouGov survey of more than 1,500 Anglican clergy commissioned by the Westminster Faith Debates for the current series on the future of the Church of England shows growing acceptance for other faiths, with more than four in ten believing that while Christianity is the "best path" to God, other religions may offer paths as well.

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October 25 2014 By dvirtue Church of England general synod to be addressed by Muslim

"We have certainly had people from other faiths in the gallery who have been greeted by the synod, who have been welcomed," he added.

Mr. Nahdi is executive director of the Radical Middle Way faith group and founding editor of Muslim magazine Q News.


The panel will also feature the leader of the Coptic Christian Church in the UK, Bishop Angaelos, alongside the Bishops of Coventry and Leeds.

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October 22 2014 By dvirtue Speaking out for Sexual Holiness is the Responsibility of all REFORM members not just the same-sex attracted

"Of course we need to ensure that our voice is heard but are the official 'shared conversations' the place to do this? There are 12 conversations with 60 people in each -- a total of 720 individuals.

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October 19 2014 By dvirtue UK: New figures reveal massive decline in religious affiliation

If the trends continue, Methodists will be extinct in a few decades and the Church of England also faces massive decline by the end of the century.

Only the Catholics are currently holding up, along with some minority faiths, in the mass move towards atheism and agnosticism in Britain.

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October 09 2014 By dvirtue UK: Protesters confront John Sentamu over Jeremy Pemberton case

Jeremy Pemberton had his permission to officiate as a priest withdrawn after marrying his partner Laurence in a civil ceremony. He was refused a licence to take up a new chaplaincy post with Sherwood NHS. This meant the job offer was withdrawn.

The decisions, in line with the Church of England's current position on the issue, were taken by the acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Richard Inwood, who is under the authority of Dr Sentamu.

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October 09 2014 By dvirtue The Church of England is on its last chance

Some of her concerns will emerge in more detail, along with groundbreaking new research, in an Enquiry on the Future of the Church of England launched this week in Oxford. The series of five debates, beginning tomorrow night, Thursday, will examine parishes, people, heritage, diversity and vision.

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